Chinese herbs for digestive— Chinese meals and Chinese herbs for well being

Herbs for digestive

Chinese herbs for digestive

How you can deal with your digestive drawback with a pure drugs technique?Consider using these 3 Chinese herbs.


Scientific title: Fructus Arctii

Chinese title: Niu Bang Zi 牛蒡子

Plant components used: Ripe fruit harvested in autumn, sun-dried, crushed.

zones of affect on the human physique: lung and abdomen meridians.

Taste: spicy and bitter

Nature: Chilly

Well being Results :

– Expels Warmth

– Promotes breakouts

– Soothes the throat, coughing stops

– Reduces swelling

– Removes poisonous

– Anthrax, cutaneous pyogenic infections

– Measles with late rashes, hives

– Ache and swelling of the throat, cough, uncommon and viscous sputum

– Constipation: the presence of oil within the seed which lubricates the intestines and facilitates feces.

Dosage: from 3 to 10 g per day in decoction. Nevertheless, watch laxative results.


Scientific title: Semen Litchi

Chinese title: Li Zhi He 荔枝 核

Plant components used: almond kernel solar dried earlier than use damaged or roasted in salt water

This herb has influences on the human physique: the meridians of the Liver and Abdomen

Style: Spicy

Nature: heat

Well being Results :

– Prompts the move of Qi (Liver)

– Disperses chilly

– Relieves ache

– Up stagnation, dispersed nodules.

– Hernia with painful swelling of the testicles

– Epigastric ache or pelvic ache in girls by stagnation of vitality and blood

Water plantain

Scientific title: Rhizoma Alismatis

Chinese Identify: Ze Xie

Elements of the plant used: stem stripped of its leaves and roots, dried on low warmth earlier than eradicating the bark. Earlier than use, it should be moistened, reduce and dried within the solar. It’s used with out preparation or grilled with sound or salt.

This herb has influences on the human physique: the meridians of kidney and bladder.

Taste: candy and tasteless

Nature: Chilly

Well being Results :

– Promotes the removing of water and moisture

– Disperses warmth loss, warmth and moisture of the bladder.

– Edema and dysuria by stagnation of water and moisture

– Jaundice; hyperlipidemia

– Yin deficiency of Kidney and extra warmth Minister.

– Diarrhea, urinary issues with cloudy urine, vaginal discharge, YIN TAN retention, palpitations and cough with extra moisture

In opposition to, precautions: Kidney deficiency with spermatorrhées with out goals. If excessive doses could spermatorrhea.

Fashionable pharmacological actions:

– Motion diuretic;

– Lower of blood glucose.

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