Chinese herbs for chilly — Tips on how to deal with a chilly fast with pure medication

Herbs for chilly

Chinese herbs for chilly

Black soy ready

Scientific identify: Semen Sojae

Chinese identify: Dan Dou Chi 淡豆豉

Plant elements used and preparation: Prepare dinner the water 70-100 g SANG YE and QING HAO, filter; combine the filtrate with 1 kg of washed black soybeans; steaming ; put in a mat and canopy with SANG YE QING HAO beforehand cooked; let simmer till the looks of yellow hairs; wash with clear water; put soybeans in a container; seal the récipiant, ferment 15-21 days; soybeans out of the container; dry within the solar.

This herb has influences on the human physique: lung and abdomen meridians

Flavour: spicy, candy, (barely bitter)

Nature: contemporary

Well being Results:

-eliminates anxiousness

– Chilly: worry of chilly, fever, headache, physique ache (with Chinese chives CONG BAI)

– Febrile Ailments (RE BING) on the last stage or the stage of convalescence (slight fever, chest tightness, burning sensation and epigastric discomfort, dysphoria / agitation anxiousness, insomnia): prepare dinner DOU CHI decoction with ZHI ZI (the fruit the Gardenia).


Scientific identify: Rhizoma phragmitis

Chinese identify: Lu Gen 芦根

Plant elements used: Rhizome, rid of fibrous roots and its outer casing, cleaned, dried within the solar, lower into items. (Late spring, early summer time and autumn).

This herb has influences on the human physique: lung and abdomen meridians

Taste: candy

Nature: Chilly

Well being Results :

– Removes warmth, generates physique fluids and cease thirst

-calmer anxious agitation

– Make clear the lungs and cease coughing

– Make clear the abdomen and cease vomiting

– Disperse the toxin and promote breakouts

– Encourage the elimination of humidity

– Febrile illnesses with liquid harm, dry tongue with little liquid

– Lung-Warmth: cough, thick yellow sputum and, lung abscess cough with purulent sputum and foul smelling sputum or blood-streaked

– Preliminary stage of illness lukewarm fever, cough and sore throat; By Wind Chilly Warmth: cough, dry tongue and mouth, throat ache

– Warmth of the Abdomen: nausea, vomiting, belching, regurgitation: Solely in decoction, to drink continuously, or together with different crops

– Preliminary measles with late onset of eruptions Stadium, or incompletely outputs eruptions: Alone or with different merchandise that disperse the toxin and promote breakouts

Fashionable pharmacological actions:

– Motion antipyretic;

– Antiemetic Motion;

– Soothing thirst.

Spring onion

Scientific identify: Bulbus allii Fistulosi

Chinese identify: Cong Bai 葱白 (蔥白)

Elements of the plant used: the white a part of the stem close to the bulb. Use contemporary.

This herb has influences on the human physique: lung and abdomen meridians.

Style: Spicy

Nature: heat

Well being Results :

– Slight chilly

– sudorific

– Disperses chilly

– Eliminates the toxin

– Ache and epigastric or stomach distension by Chilly retention and stagnation of vitality, or dysuria by hypofunction of the Bladder: CHAO CONG BAI apply on the navel or decrease stomach.

– Suppurative pores and skin infections, anthrax, abscesses: CONG BAI combine with honey, apply on the affected space.

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