Chinese herbs for burn therapy

Chinese herbs for burn therapy

Comply with are some helpful Chinese herbs for burn therapy.


Scientific title: Radix Seu Arnebiae Lithospermi

French Identify: Gromwell

Chinese title: Zi Cao 紫草

Elements of the plant used: roots dried within the solar, properly moistened and sliced

This herb has affect on the human physique meridians of the guts and liver

Taste: candy

Nature: Chilly

Well being results:

– Remove toxin and deal with pores and skin inflammations

– Refreshes the blood and prompts blood

– Promotes the discharge of rash

– Febrile ailments

– Prevention of measles: + GAN CAO (licorice), decoction, 3 occasions / day, each 2 days.

– Anthrax, pores and skin inflammations and ulcers with swelling, eczema, dermatitis, vulvar and genital itching, burning by hearth and water:.


– Therapeutic in acute lymphocytic leukemia;

– Actions selling wound therapeutic in rats

CONTRAINDICATIONS, PRECAUTIONS: Measles and with latest heavy eruptions


Scientific RhubarbeNom: Radix and rhizoma rhei

Chinese title: Da Huang 大黄

Elements of the plant used: roots, rhizomes scraped, minimize lengthwise and crosswise, dried warming shelter or used with out preparation or handled to wine and cooked in a water bathtub, carried by the black mesh.

This Chinese herb has influences on the human physique meridians Abdomen, Giant Gut, Liver and Coronary heart Envelope.

Style: bitter.

Nature: Chilly

Well being Results:

-Rafraîchir Blood, Fireplace purge and get rid of toxin (XUE LIANG JIE XIE HUO DU), cease the blood (ZHI XUE): with or with out constipation, DA HUANG can be utilized to convey down the Warmth and Fireplace ;

– Activate Blood and dispel stasis or resolve the blood and regulate the foundations

– Warmth fullness of the abdomen and intestines; febrile ailments with constipation

– Warmth fullness obstructed within the abdomen and intestines with belly ache and constipation, generally excessive fever, impaired consciousness, delirium.

– Dysentery and belly ache as a result of moisture-heat

– Acute intestinal obstruction, parasitic intestinal obstruction, paralytic intestinal obstruction

preliminary stage of acute suppurative inflammatory lesions of the again with constipation

Appendicitis with acute ache

Mycotic vaginitis and cervical erosion: externally.

– Blood stagnation (amenorrhea)

– Damp-heat jaundice

– Viral hepatitis, jaundice hémolyptique new child

– Burns, superficial irritation, boil, abscess

– wounds

– Belly ache with stasis of blood, belly lots and tumors (JI ZHENG JIA JU), traumatic accidents, postpartum lochia non-flowing, Blood accumulation of stagnant syndrome

In opposition to, precautions:

– Weakening of the Abdomen (threat of anorexia, nausea);

– IQ of Deficiency and Blood within the absence of accumulation or stagnation indicators;

– IQ impairment with abscess or after discharge pus;

– Guidelines, being pregnant, childbirth within the absence of blood stasis;

– Breastfeeding (threat of diarrhea in infants by entry of the energetic components in milk.)


Pourpier- Scientific title: Herba Portulacae

Chinese title: Ma Chi Xian 马齿苋 “horse enamel”

Plant elements used: the recent plant is put in a water bathtub mild or dipped in boiling water after which dried within the solar.

This Chinese herb has influences on the human physique: meridians of the massive gut and liver

Flavour: acid

Nature: Chilly

Well being results:

– Refresh the Blood and cease the blood 凉血 止血.

– Diarrhea and dysentery (Humidity Chaleur): fever, belly ache, blood and pus within the stool, tenesmus:

– Solely excessive dosage, decoction for inside use.

– Solely juice of the recent plant in drink.

– Prevention of bacillary dysentery:

– Juice made with honey.

– Boil, abscess, pyogenic pores and skin irritation (warmth toxin)

– Solely in decoction for inside use.

– Juice drink.

– Contemporary produce crushed externally.

– Leucorrhea (Warmth Humidity): used solely juice beverage or decoction.

– Menorrhagia, bleeding, postpartum hemorrhage

– hemorrhoids

– Eczema: decoction for laundry or soak compresses.

– Acute urinary infections.

– Pertussis: 60 g decoction, to take 3 occasions a day.

– Intoxication with seafood



– Tonic motion on the uterus recent juice which incorporates potassium salts.

– Bacteriostatic motion on the colon bacillus, bacillus dysentery, and typhoid.

Chinese herbs for burn 

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