Chinese natural syrup and pure well being advantages

Chinese pure medicine-Natural syrup

Natural syrup towards cough

therapeutic makes use of

indications : cough attributable to infections and allergy symptoms , continual bronchitis from
smoking .

well being philosophy:this syrup is used for firming Vitality Lung and Spleen and
battle respiratory infections.

signs: cough , thick mucus and colourful


Two teaspoons, three
occasions every day , with a bit scorching water . It may be used over an extended interval by
lowering the dosage to a teaspoon per day.


In keeping with
conventional Chinese drugs , the cough is brought on by a perverse assault Vitality
(germs , allergens or irritants ) on the respiratory tract and lungs . Phlegm
and dust block the passage of the Vitality Lung down , inflicting respiration
difficulties and coughing. Nim Jiom syrup Pei Pa Koa is in some ways: it helps
to launch the bronchial mucus , it stops coughing and tones Vitality Lung ,
which strengthens the immune system . Gan Cao and Chen Pi tone Vitality Spleen
which reduces the manufacturing of mucus. All crops used on this preparation additionally
have antibiotic and antiviral properties . Dandelion , for instance, in vitro
bactericidal results towards Streptococcus pneumoniae , Neisserai meningitidis
, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Echo viruses .


Medical trials have
proven that the syrup Nim Jiom Pai Pa Koa might relieve cough and help within the
evacuation of mucus. In vitro and in vivo exams have additionally proven efficient in
relieving bronchial asthma. It has been proven its anti-inflammatory properties in 4
fashions of acute respiratory irritation and sub- aigüe.



Contact a physician if the
cough will get worse , persists for greater than every week or is accompanied by excessive
fever. Don’t exceed the really helpful dose.

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Title Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical identify

Therapeutic actions

Pi Pa Ye

Folium Eriobotryae japonicae ( loquat leaves )

Stops cough , eliminates thick coloured mucus

Pu Gong Ying

Herba cum radice taraxaci ( dandelion leaves and roots )

Eliminates toxins produced by an an infection

Gan Cao

Glycyrrhisae radix (licorice )

Moistens the lungs , stops cough , tones Vitality Lung , harmonize the motion of different crops

Chen Pi

Pericarpum Reticulatae citri ( tangerine peel )

Helps respiration, cease coughing with considerable mucus , tones Lungs

Ze Qi

Herba hélioscopiae euphorbia ( Euphorbia unhazardous )

Eliminates the thick, sticky mucus , battle asthmatic cough , dispersed nodules

Kuan Dong Hua

Tussilagi farfarae flos ( flower bud or coltsfoot coltsfoot )

Antitussive , expectorant, bronchodilator

Niu Jin Cao

Polygalae Seneca ( root Senegalese )

Eliminates phlegm , anti -inflammatory airway

Mi Feng

Mel ( honey extract )

Moisturizes and tones the lungs , stops cough, soothes the throat

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