Dr. WU studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Guangxi University Of Chinese Medicine for 5 years.,graduating in 1996.He also has a study of Western Medicine,especially majoring in disease treatments by Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine integrated with Western medicine.

During working for 20 years at Guigang Chinese Medicine Hospital in Guangxi,  Dr. WU conducted research on the effects of Chinese herbs on different chronic disease.

Dr.WU is dedicated to helping his patients and takes great satisfaction when they improve their health stats or are cured by his treatments. He has diagnosed and treated thousands of patients with great success,90% of the patients received different degrees of rehabilitation and restore their health,and many of them have offered their high praise.

“Dr. WU is a very professional health care expert, who really seems to genuinely care about his patients. I’m very appreciate his experience . I would highly recommend seeking his care.”(Mrs. Li HUANG)

“Dr. WU gave me the knowlege amazing, and I would not hesitate to rely on his knowledge and wisdom for any health concern.” (Andrew C.)

With Dr. WU’s treatment of infertility,  I became pregnant and has a baby, and is very excited. “Thank you so much, Dr. WU for helping us. When I had no more hope left and  he always encouraged me to never give up. He is not just a Chinese medicine doctor to us!”(Mrs. Pattie)

“I highly recommend Dr. WU and his practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine to anyone who is feeling anxious and nervous.”(Donald)

“I feel that Dr. WU’s Traditional Chinese Medicine approach has merit and complements Western medicine.”(Mr Terence)

“We need TCM to help chronic pain sufferers.I can’t believe that my lower back pain of 16 years disappeared without any painkillers, after only ten treatment sessions from Dr. WU.(Mr Jack Scott)

Dr WU told us that he like to help more people and dream to spread Chinese medicine knowledge to worldwide.Now,through our site with the Internet more people will have access to Dr. WU’s professional knowlege and service from his knowlege, experience and wisdom.


XIASEN  He is a retired manager of a state-owned construction enterprises in China, is also a International registered Nutrition Consultant and independent TCM natural health  researcher. His extensive knowledge about therapeutic、 moxibustion、massage、TCM came from his wife’s health crisis over 16 years.In these 16 years, he has learned  Chinese medicine  knowledges from more than 100 Chinese TCM experts ,and also read more than 1000 TCM books.

In those years his wife was sick, eat a lot of drugs,  saw a lot of doctors in the hospital, and even had an operation and stay in hospital.But all had little effect.So XIA SEN took her back home from the hospital  to recuperate by TCM method,Chinese diet and nutrients.Soon some time,Her spirit became better, the physical rehabilitation is also well.

In recent years,XIASEN was retired from his enterprise.He concentrated to share his natural health knowledge to people around his city.He also passed exam to get International registered Nutrition Consultant certificate.His work is going on.