Chinese Ginseng and astragalus mixture for pure well being

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang(Ginseng and astragalus mixture)

Ginseng and astragalus mixture
-Decoction for firming the middle and improve vitality

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

Most important indications : sluggish digestion
accompanied by bloating , unfastened stools or constipation weak spot , fatigue ,
weakened immune system , rectal and uterine prolapse , ptosis ( sagging of an
organ ) gastric or renal restoration , persistent sickness, postpartum despair ,
safety of bodily and psychological talents within the aged , safety in opposition to
most cancers and tumors.

Chinese well being philosophy of ginseng and
astragalus mixture
invigorates the vitality
of the common family, raises Yang collapsed digestive system tonic and

Related signs: pale tongue ,
thin-white coating , pulse vacuum , massive, powerless .



As this ginseng and astragalus mixture
system is in several varieties and totally different concentrations , you will need to
observe the producer’s suggestions. A tonic ought to be taken for at the very least
one month . This toner can be utilized long run .



One of the identified and utilized in
conventional Chinese drugs formulation. The common hearth is the power to
digest and assimilate meals. He’s chargeable for triage heart that eliminates
what’s improper and hold what is sweet . It transports vitamins to the suitable
place within the physique. A mean wholesome Lobby offers vigor and will increase
resistance to illness.


Historical past

Li Dong -yuan (1180-1251) , one of many 4
nice masters of his time, revealed the Treaty on the spleen and abdomen,
the place he demonstrated the significance of supporting the interior organs within the
combat in opposition to the illness. Chase the dangerous and the great tone . He created the
system Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang in thoughts and he used it , modifying it as mandatory
to deal with every kind of illnesses. China
was going by a really chaotic time : warfare, famine and epidemic . Folks have been
subjected to extreme emotional and psychological stress brought on by these calamities .
In our trendy society, characterised by a excessive degree of stress and the rise
in persistent illnesses , theories of Li Dong- Yuan experiencing a resurgence in
reputation .



Since 1985, no fewer than 23 scientific
research have been performed on the results of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang .


In 2000 , a group of Chinese researchers
confirmed , in a research of sufferers with main liver most cancers , the standard
preparation may really improve the pure manufacturing of hematopoietic
progress issue (which stimulates manufacturing of white blood cells) in addition to
tumor necrosis issue (small pure protein that assault cancerous tumors
) , the next 12 months , researchers confirmed that the preparation may
curb the proliferation of liver most cancers and set off apoptosis ( pure course of
absent in most cancers cells, which is programmed cell demise ) .


In 2000 , Japanese researchers confirmed that
the identical preparation , which bears the identify of Japan hochu – ekki -to, can
successfully combat an an infection brought on by resistant Staphylococcus méthicilline.


In 2001 , one other Japanese group reported the
case of a affected person of 59 years with renal ptosis ( sagging kidneys) and whose
situation was considerably improved following therapy with hochu – ekki –


Astragalus , the principle ingredient of the
system has been numerous research on its immunostimulatory properties.



Communicable illnesses within the acute part
illness manifested by thirst , restlessness , redness , fever .

You’ll be able to click here to see some
ginseng and astragalus mixture merchandise.


Title Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical identify

Therapeutic actions

Huang Qi

Radix astragali (Astragalus root)

Vitality and invigorates the immune system

Dang Shen

Radix Codonopsis pilosulae (bellflower root cap)

tones and Vitality Fee

Gan Cao

Radix glycyrrhizae uralensis (licorice root)

Hearth warms the way in which, harmonizes the motion of vegetation

Bai Zhu

Atractylodis macrocephalae Rhizoma (rhizomes of Atractylodes)

invigorates the Spleen, drains Humidity

Chen Pi

Pericarpium Reticulatae citri (tangerine peel)

Circulates vitality, invigorates the spleen, dries dampness

Sheng Ma

Cimicifugae Rhizoma (rhizome of black cohosh)

Vitality raises Yang, organ trafficking raids

Chai Hu

Bupleuri Radix

unravels vitality liver, raises Yang vitality

Da Zao

Fructus Jujubae Ziziphus (jujube)

invigorates the spleen, nourishes the blood

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