Chinese meals lotus root pure well being advantages and vitamin details

Chinese food lotus root natural health benefits nutrition factsPure well being advantages lotus root

Chinese meals lotus root

Vitamin details of Chinese meals lotus root (per 100 grams)

Energy (kcal) 70            Phosphorus (mg) 58

Fats (g) 0.3                        Potassium (mg) 243

Protein (g) 1.9                 Carbohydrates (g) 16.6

Sodium (mg) 44.3           Magnesium (mg) 19

Calcium (mg) 39              Niacin (mg) 0.3

Iron (mg) 1.4                    Copper (mg) 0.11

Vitamin C (mg) 46           Vitamin E (mg) 0.73

Zinc (mg) 0.23                  Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.09

Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.03       Vitamin A (ug) 3

Selenium (mcg) 0.39        Dietary fiber (g) 1.2

Manganese (mg) 1.3         Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.05

Carotene (mg) 20              Folic acid (mcg) 10.3


Dietary worth of Chinese meals lotus root

The Lotus root accommodates vitamin and hint components, particularly a excessive content material
of vitamin Ok, vitamin C, iron and potassium. The lotus root additionally accommodates wealthy
in tannic acid, plant fiber and vitamin B12.



The lotus root accommodates the slender protein and meals fibers, which may unite
with the bile salts from the physique.



Calorie lotus root is as a lot that of potato. The content material of carbohydrate and
fats is low and the protein content material is a bit excessive.


Chinese meals lotus root in your pure well being and cures:

Prevention of anemia: it could possibly assist stop anemia and liver motion.

One impact of stopping the needle: lotus root has a remedy impact in opposition to
hemorrhagic purpura and bleeding brought on by warmth in blood.

An enchancment stomach: tannin has an anti-inflammatory and astringent impact and
improved fatigue stomach. Lotus root accommodates a saccharide-protein mucin. This
protein can promote digestion of protein and fats, and it could possibly relieve abdomen.


Promote the formation of ossein and drive the liner of the abdomen.

Not really helpful for: The infant can’t eat them too early.

Chinese meals  lotus root wholesome nutritious recipes

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