Chinese meals garlic pure well being advantages and vitamin information

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Chinese meals garlic

Diet information of Chinese meals garlic (per 100 grams)

Energy (kcal) 61                  Fats (g) 0.1

Protein (g) 2                          Calcium (mg) 19

Sodium (mg) 3.8                   Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.06

Carbohydrates (g) 12.9       Potassium (mg) 161

Phosphorus (mg) 56            Magnesium (mg) 28

Niacin (mg) 0.2                     Iron (mg) 4.3

Vitamin C (mg) 1                  Vitamin E (mg) 1.06

Zinc (mg) 1.06                      Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.05

Copper (mg) 0.03                 Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.07

Vitamin A (ug) 80                 Selenium (mcg) 2.18

Manganese (mg) 0.33          Carotene (mg) 0.7

Dietary worth of Chinese meals garlic

garlic comprises allicin grows, allitridin, can inhibit the expansion and
replica of micro organism; Pushes the garlic comprises carbohydrates, crude
fiber, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacin, calcium, phosphorus,
and different elements. Uncooked cellulose can stop constipation; Vitamin C has an
impact of reducing blood lipids and stopping coronary heart illness and
arteriosclerosis; The garlic comprises allicin which grows has an excellent impact to
kill pathogenic viruses and parasites.


Chinese meals garlic in your pure well being and cures:

high quality of the shoot of garlic is tender, which reinforces the weak spot,
stability the interior organs, stimulates the blood, prevents most cancers, resists
micro organism whereas useful to the abdomen ache and diarrhea.

laxative and anti-hemorrhoids: pores and skin pushes Garlic is wealthy in cellulose, which
can stimulate bowel actions of the massive gut and modulating
constipation. Eat extra garlic shoot can stop the prevalence of hemorrhoids,
cut back hemorrhoid recurrence frequency and have a therapeutic impact for
hemorrhoids reasonable depth.

To stop and deal with coronary and arteriosclerotic illness and decrease blood
lipids: the expansion of garlic is wealthy in vitamin C, which has an apparent impact
in reducing lipid ranges and stop coronary coronary heart illness and stop
arteriosclerosis and thrombosis. It might probably shield the liver, induce the exercise
of the enzyme detoxing of liver cells and block the formation of
carcinogenic nitrosamines to forestall the prevalence of most cancers.

3.Bactericidal impact: the garlic grows comprises allicin, the bactericidal capability is considered one of dixs that of penicillin. It has a bactericidal impact in opposition to pathogenic viruses and parasites. It might probably stop flu and an infection of the wound, and disperse the bugs. Allicin Garlic comprises stem might inhibit the expansion and replica of staphylococcus, streptococcus, Shigella, Escherichia coli.

Not really helpful for: Folks with a low capability to digest ought to eat much less;
extreme consumption can have an effect on imaginative and prescient; extreme consumption of a affected person
with liver illness may cause liver dysfunction.

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