Chinese cocklebur fruit(Cang Er Zi)— Chinese meals and pure well being

Chinese herb cocklebur fruit

cocklebur fruit

Mouth ulcers, abscesses, boils – Pores and skin Ailments, heat nature of Herbs that launch floor Headache – Fever – Dizziness

The grass Cang Er Zi is utilized in complications generated by wind-cold, congestion and continual runny nostril and different signs attributable to the chilly wind. We are going to see intimately under.

The peculiarity of Cang Er Zi is its potential to succeed in, disperse and flow into all through the physique, each at well being residence and better at decrease lobby each internally and externally with out being significantly draining.

Transient description of the cocklebur fruit

Cang er zi, Chinese Pharmacopoeia

Chinese title Cang Er Zi (Zi Cang ěr; 苍耳 子)

Pharmaceutical Title Fructus Xanthii

customary botanical species Xanthium sibiricum

Different names Qin Zi Hu (胡 寝 子)

Yang Dai Lai (羊 带来)

Di Kui (地 葵)

Cang Er (苍耳)

Plant half Fruit

Nature Heat

Candy, bitter, poisonous

Tropism (in between the meridians:) Lung (liver)

transient description Disperse wind, unlocks the holes, removes moisture.


1) Disperse the wind and moisture, releases the nostril

For any issues or nasal sinuses with thick and viscous flows related to complications. Cang Er Zi is without doubt one of the most important herbs in nasal congestion with headache, thick nasal discharge and lack of scent.

2) Disperse wind and removes moisture

It disperses wind-humidity, open the holes within the higher physique, combat towards pores and skin issues, pores and skin itching and joint ache because of a painful obstruction.


3) Looking wind and releases the floor

It’s a secondary grass for exterior disturbances with headache radiating to the neck.


Cang Er Zi is against-indicated throughout blood empty.

A number of books inspired to not eat pork together with this herb.


From 3 to 9 g, 5 g customary

An overdose may cause vomiting, stomach ache and diarrhea.

some combos

In opposition to complications, nasal congestion, Cang Er Zi might be mixed with:

 Xin Yi – 辛夷 (flos Magnoliae)


Throughout acute wind-heat with headache, nasal congestion:

 Xin Yi – 辛夷 (flos Magnoliae)

Shi Gao – 石膏 (Gypsum)

Huang Qin – 黃 芩 (Radix Scutellariae Baicalensis)

In opposition to continual wind-heat with headache, nasal congestion:

Xin Yi – 辛夷 (flos Magnoliae)

Jin Yin Hua – 金银花 (Flos Lonicerae Japonicae)

Qian Cao Gen – 茜草 根 (Radix Rhizoma and rubiae)


When itching because of pores and skin rash because of wind or moisture and inflicting irritation:

Bai Ji Li – 白 蒺藜 (Fructus Tribuli)

Di Fu Zi – 地肤 子 (Fructus Kochiae)

Chan Tui – 蝉蜕 (periostracum Cicadae)

Decoction to drink and likewise used externally.

Being pregnant

Consumption of Cang Er Zi throughout being pregnant needs to be performed with warning.



– The poisonous elements on this herb are modified as soon as décoctée and are hardly extra current.

– Cang Er Zi can be efficient towards nasal polyps.

– Up to now, the consequence was open and the core was utilized in headache and dizziness.

Cang Er Gen (Radix Xanthii Sibirici), the basis is bitter style, recent and barely poisonous in nature. She enters the lung meridian, clears warmth, eliminates toxins and treats frequent colds because of warmth and wind.

It additionally reduces scrofula or different poisonous swellings equivalent to angina.

It needs to be used with warning throughout being pregnant and in instances of vacuum. The standard dosage is between 3 and 12g.

Cang Er Cao (苍耳 草), the entire plant is bitter and pungent, recent type (even barely chilly) and barely poisonous. It eliminates the wind, clears warmth and eliminates the toxicity.

It’s used when Bi, spasm, cramp, pores and skin dysfunction and itching.

It shouldn’t be utilized in people who find themselves empty or taken over an prolonged interval. Dosing is 6 to 15g.

The entire plant is poisonous, however essentially the most poisonous half is the fruit.

Furthermore, the recent leaves are extra poisonous than these which might be dried, and younger stems are extra poisonous than the outdated.

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