Chinese Aplotaxis Carminative Tablets and pure well being Mu Xiang Shun Qi Wan

Aplotaxis Carminative Tablets( Mu Xiang Shun Qi Wan)

Aplotaxis Carminative Tablets
to loosen up vitality

therapeutic makes use of

indications : gradual digestion, gastric hypoacidity , power hepatitis, power

Chinese well being
method is used to disperse meals stagnation and Vitality of Liver.

signs: stomach distension and epigastric , gradual digestion , dangerous breath,
irregular stools, belching, bloating, decreased urge for food .



this Aplotaxis Carminative Tablets method is in several kinds and at numerous concentrations , it’s
essential to comply with the producer’s suggestions. This product may be
used long run .



individuals complain of gradual digestion, gradual liver . Trendy life is troublesome to
digest : a meal on the run or skipped offset by taking a too ample and too
wealthy night meal. This depletes the digestive system and causes the
accumulation of undigested meals which bloating , ache and discomfort .


is a vital perform for the lifetime of the human being . Digestive capabilities
may be disrupted in two fundamental conditions : Vacuum Vitality and Fullness of the
digestive system attributable to the stagnation of meals. Mu Xiang Shun Qi Wan owes
its effectiveness to its harmonizing motion. This method invigorates the
digestive system and disperses meals stagnation by rising peristalsis and
gastric secretion. Harmonizing its work makes it very protected. Can be utilized lengthy
time period and for all kinds of digestive issues .


Historical past

method is cited in Shen Shi Zun Sheng quantity Shu (Ebook for Privateness ) , written
by Shen Jin Ao in 1773.

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issues related to gastric hyperacidity : acid indigestion , heartburn ,
abdomen ulcers.
out of attain of kids.


Title Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical identify

Therapeutic actions

Mu Xiang

Radix auklandiae lappae

Mobilizes and regulates vitality, stimulates Charge

Yi Zhi Ren

Alpinae oxyphyllae Fructus ( fruit of black cardamom )

Warms Spleen and disperses Chilly, warms the kidneys and retains the Essence

Cang Zhu

Atractylodis Rhizoma (rhizome of Atractylodes ready )

Dries Dampness , tonifies the Spleen , looking Humidity Wind

Sheng Jiang

Zingiberis officinalis rhizoma (dried ginger)

Harmonizes the typical family, cease nausea and vomiting

Qing Pi

Pericarpium citri Reticulatae viride ( pores and skin of the immature tangerine )

Drains the liver and breaks the cluster , reduces stagnation

Chen Pi

Pericarpium Reticulatae citri ( pores and skin tangerine )

Circulates vitality , invigorates the Spleen , dries Dampness

Fu Ling

Poriae Sclerotium cocos ( filamentous fungus )

Drains Dampness , tonifies the Spleen , diuretic

Chai Hu

Bupleuri Radix ( Bupleurum root )

Harmonizes releases and disperses warmth , loosens Vitality Liver , raises Yang Vitality

Hou Po

Cortex magnolia officinalis ( magnolia bark )

Circulated Vitality , dries Dampness , dissolves cluster

Bing Lang

Semen arecae catechu ( betel seeds )

Circulated Vitality, dissolves stagnation kills intestinal parasites

Zhi Ke

Fructus citri aurantii ( bitter orange )

Mobilizes vitality , reduces stagnation

Wu Yao

Lindera Radix ( root of Chinese allspice)

Circulated Vitality, stops ache , warms the Kidney

Lai Fu Zi

Semen raphani sativi ( radish seed )

Promotes digestion of meals transforms clusters , revealed Vitality

Shan Zha

Crataegi Fructus ( fruit of the hawthorn)

Promotes digestion of meals transforms Amas , quickens the blood

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