Chinese Anemarrhena capsules and pure well being.Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan

Anemarrhena pills , tree Amur cork and Digital

Anemarrhena capsules (Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan)

capsules to combat menopausal signs

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

indications : signs related to menopause , sizzling flashes, evening sweats ,
diabetes , hypertension, warmth sensation within the bones , insomnia , restlessness
, nervousness, continual nephritis .

vitality , this preparation is used to nourish the Kidney Yin and Liver Warmth and
make clear gadgets .

signs: warmth within the palms and soles , dry mouth and throat , thirst, purple and
dry tongue , little or no coating , pulse effective and quick .



this preparation is in numerous varieties and at varied dosages , it will be important
to comply with the producer’s suggestions. A tonic to be taken for 3 to
six months. Can be utilized long run .



preparation is used to deal with signs related to menopause : sizzling flashes,
evening sweats , insomnia . That is the system Liu Wei Di Huang Wan to tone Yin
Liver and Kidneys , which was added two crops to calm Fireplace gadgets : the
Anemarrhena and tree Amur cork . Yin is empty , it cannot retain the Yang . It
develops an inner hyperactivity : sizzling flashes, warmth within the palms and soles
of the toes , heat feeling within the bones, insomnia, restlessness , nervousness,
evening sweats .


Historical past

preparation is referred to within the quantity Zheng Zhi Yin Could (Methodology , trigger,
remedy and pulse ) written by the well-known physician Qin Jing Ming in 1702.



of inner ailments with liquids like cough with plentiful mucus , ascites,

Spleen and Abdomen : nausea, poor urge for food , unfastened stools or stools, tongue
with white and greasy coating .

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Title Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical title

Therapeutic actions

Shu Di Huang

Radix rehmanniae glutinosae conquitae (ready rehmannia root)

Invigorates the Blood, nourishes the Yin

Shan Yao

Radix dioscoreae oppositae (yam root)

Invigorates the Spleen and Abdomen

Mu Dan Pi

Moutan radicis cortex (root bark of tree peony)

Searching Warmth Blood, Liver Fireplace off

Fu Ling

Poriae Sclerotium cocos (filamentous fungus)

Removes Moisture, invigorates the Spleen, diuretic

Shan Zhu Yu

Fructus corni officinalis (fruit dogwood)

Invigorates Yin Liver and Kidney, stops sweating

Ze Xie

Rhizoma alismatis plantago-aquaticae (water plantain rhizome)

Diuretic, removes the warmth

Huang Bai

Phellodendri Cortex (bark of the cork tree Amur)

Refreshes the Warmth, eliminates toxins

Zhi Mu

Radix Anemarrhenae asphodeloidis (Anemarrhena root)

Clears Warmth, disperses hearth

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