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Is Calibrate a good weight loss program?Amazing results

Is Calibrate a good weight loss program?

Calibrate weight loss program has been designed to help people lose weight by focusing on good food choices, healthy movement and more. While there are many different weight loss programs out there, this one is all about reaching your goals in the healthiest way possible.Is Calibrate a good weight loss program?

What is Calibrate?

The Calibrate program was created by Isabelle Kenyon, MD, a New York-based doctor with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of obesity medicine. She sought to create a tool that would work for anyone looking to lose weight, regardless of their level of commitment or means. The program’s technology is integrated into all areas of its system—from one-on-one coaching to goal-setting to medication management—and uses state-of-the-art technology, including DNA testing and virtual reality exercise classes, to achieve its results.

“I started the Calibrate program because I realized that there wasn’t a system out there that could help me treat my patients holistically,” Kenyon says. “I wanted something that would address all aspects of weight loss—not just diet and exercise, but sleep health and emotional health, too.”

How Does Calibrate Work?

Calibrate uses a combination of video coaching, goal-setting, and lessons to help you take control of your weight, and ultimately your life. Its meal plan is high in protein and fiber, but includes enough healthy fats so you won’t feel hungry or deprived.

On the Metabolic Health Assessment, you’ll meet with a licensed physician who will go over your medical history and do a physical exam. Then, they’ll order blood tests to determine your genetics, as well as biomarkers of inflammation and diabetes risk.

The goal is to provide you with actionable information on how to change your diet and lifestyle to achieve optimal weight loss. Your assessment is also used to determine a Metabolic Health Score, which helps you figure out if you have a metabolic disorder or pre-diabetes. If the latter is true, then the program will help you lose 15 pounds in 8 weeks.

The meal delivery service includes all the instructions and recipes you need to prepare these meals at home — no special equipment or food delivery is required.

Calibrate One-Year Metabolic Reset Review

So you’ve made the decision to begin your health journey with the Calibrate Metabolic Reset. You can expect a combination of food, exercise, and sleep coaching, as well as instructional classes on those topics, in this program to help you comprehend health from a scientific perspective and rewire your brain.

Here’s a little more on each pillar’s philosophy:

Food: Reduce your intake of fast-digesting carbohydrates and replace them with protein, fiber, and healthy fats.
Sleep: Get restful sleep per night to enhance sleep quality and reduce the risk of cardiometabolic health risks.
Exercise: To promote metabolic health, make exercise a regular part of your day and gradually integrate weight training.
Emotional Health: Recognize emotional triggers that affect metabolic health and implement science-backed techniques to alleviate stress.

Calibrate One-Year Metabolic Reset Review Calibrate weight loss program

Calibrate weight loss program

Your aim for the first six months of your strategy will be to reduce 10% of your total weight. That’s 20 pounds for individuals who weigh 200 pounds, 25 pounds for those who weigh 250 pounds, and so on.

Calibrate strives for long-term achievement rather than instant results. So, while the weight loss process may appear to be slower than other regimens, it is ultimately more helpful.

Calibrate weight loss program takes a different approach to health than many others on the market. Over the course of your year with the program, this intensive, supportive One-Year Metabolic Reset plan is designed quarterly:

Level 1: 0-3 months

You’ll learn the fundamentals of metabolic health and set goals while meeting with a coach every other week.
You’ll be given 1-2 sessions per week to learn why and how to make the essential changes to see results.

Level 2: 3-6 months

You’ve learned a lot, and now it’s time to put what you’ve learned to good use. During these months, you’ll adopt and strengthen the new habits that are most beneficial to you.
You’ll acquire more in-depth information about the foundations presented in Level 1 by reading two lessons every week, with the ability to choose which subjects you want to study more about.

Level 3:Months 6–9 

Every other week, meet with your coach.
In 1-2 lessons per week, discover your areas of interest and focus on things you’d like to learn more about.

Level 4: 9-12 months

Now is the moment to ensure that everything you’ve learned in class will serve you well outside of it.
In 1-2 courses every week, learn more about your areas of interest.
Meetings with your coaches will last 15 minutes, but you will be able to choose a time that is convenient for you. You have the freedom to talk about anything related to your health and fitness journey, share your successes, disappointments, and suggestions for the rest of your program at these meetings.

Throughout this program, you’ll be taking GLP-1, an FDA-approved drug that serves to curb hunger, improve fullness, and aid weight loss. This drug will be prescribed at your initial doctor’s appointment, prior to the commencement of your plan.

Get Personalized Coaching On Food, Exercise, Sleep, And Emotional Health With Your Own Accountability Coaching Team!

What science supports Calibrate’s weight loss program?

Weight loss isn’t about willpower; it’s about biology, according to research. While you can’t change your genes, you can modify your surroundings and the way your biology reacts to it to assist reduce your set point and improve metabolic health.

Metabolic health is more than just a number on a scale. On the inside, it implies being healthy and balanced. Everything from immune function and mood to inflammation levels and the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension is influenced by metabolic health.

Calibrate is designed to help you re-program your metabolic system using clinically proven drugs and small tweaks that build up to big changes in what you eat, how you sleep, how much you exercise, and how you support your mental health. Calibrate, as previously said, employs a variety of approaches to assist you in achieving that goal, including:

  • Visits with a virtual doctor on a one-on-one basis
  • Coaching for a healthy lifestyle
  • Information backed by science
  • Medications on prescription

What medications does calibrate use?

In terms of prescription weight loss medications, what does Calibrate recommend?Anyone who takes part in the One-Year Metabolic Reset is likely to be administered GLP-1. GLP-1s are potent, naturally-occurring hormones produced by the gut that convey signals to the brain to suppress hunger, improve metabolic function, and regulate digestion, allowing you to feel fuller for longer and absorb more nutrients.Calibrate specialists provide FDA-approved GLP-1 drugs that act on the same receptors as natural GLP-1 hormones, which play a vital role in hunger, weight management, and maintaining the body’s set point, which is the weight that the body will fight to maintain. GLP-1s also have an effect on insulin and blood sugar response.

Calibrate doctors prescribe a range of GLP-1s. They will recommend one that is best suited to your biology and is also covered by your insurance. GLP-1s that may be prescribed include:

Semaglutide (WegovyTM, Ozempic®, Rybelsus®)
Liraglutide (Saxenda® and Victoza®)
Dulaglutide (Trulicity®) 

Is Calibrate a good weight loss program Calibrate recommend prescription weight-loss drugs


Is Calibrate Legit?

Will this telehealth service actually produce the results it promises? This is one of the most common queries regarding any telehealth service. This question is especially pertinent when it comes to weight loss. With so many fad diets and fad fitness trends out there, it’s unavoidable that some (if not the majority) will turn out to be a rip-off. So, what’s the deal with Calibrate?

Calibrate has proven to be completely legitimate in our experience. Calibrate, unlike “miracle” weight loss methods, does not guarantee that you will drop 30 pounds in a month. Rather, they want to assist you in achieving a realistic and long-term goal. That’s just one of the many reasons to believe Calibrate is the real deal.

Furthermore, as previously said, the program is fully based on clinical research. To create an effective and intentional curriculum, the firm collaborated with a large number of doctors and professionals.

Calibrate Reviews & Customer Experience

More than just reducing weight is at stake when you join a weight-loss program. You sign up for counsel, motivation, and assistance. You want to be held responsible for what you’ve done. You want to finally reach your weight loss goals with the assistance of professionals, rather than on your own.

These are some of the most compelling reasons for someone to join a weight-loss program. So, how does Calibrate perform in this regard?

Calibrate weight loss program gives a fantastic experience for its consumers for the most part. In fact, one-on-one support is one of the company’s most laudable features.

But don’t just take it from us. Let’s have a look at some Calibrate customer reviews.

Calibrate presently has a rating of 4.56 stars out of 5 on, based on 111 reviews. Similarly, 86 % of customers suggest the business. This indicates that the majority of Calibrate clients were pleased with the company’s services.

From our perspective, it’s reassuring to see that Calibrate users aren’t dissatisfied. Instead, the program delivers on its promises.

Here are several reviews that speaks to Calibrate’s dependability:

I went into Calibrate  weight loss program with skepticism. In just 90 days, I’ve shed 9% of my body weight. I enjoy my coach, and I’m still sticking to the program. I am a firm believer.

As a member, I receive one-on-one counseling that is tailored to my needs and lifestyle.” The medically based method has assisted me in gradually lowering my weight set point without becoming frustrated. I’m driven to keep going because of my weight loss results and improved health. I’m so thrilled I came onto Calibrate!


I’ve tried numerous weight loss programs and products in the past, but nothing matches Calibrate. I lost over 32% of my body weight and achieved a healthy weight and lifestyle thanks to the medicine recommended, health coach, and food guidance including menu ideas. This, I feel, is a long-term weight loss and lifestyle shift.


It’s been a pleasure working with Calibrate weight loss program. My coach is incredible, my doctor is incredible, and everyone is always extremely responsive whenever I have concerns or require assistance.

Overall I am quite pleased with the program. By making tiny, progressive modifications in my behaviors, I am constantly losing weight. My coach is fantastic and extremely helpful. When I submit messages to the doctors through the app, I always get prompt responses.

Excellent support staff and a successful weight-loss program.


I have no words to express my gratitude for this program! Since June, I’ve lost 34 pounds and don’t feel like I’m on a “diet”; this is the new me and my new life. My coach is incredibly encouraging, and the Facebook community keeps me motivated as well. I would highly recommend Calibrate!

These reviews show that, on average, clients leave Calibrate feeling quite happy & satisfied.

How much weight can you lose with calibrate?

Calibrate’s approach is based on clinical research that reveals that losing 10% of one’s body weight is clinically meaningful and sustainable in terms of long-term health.  Many Calibrate members lose more than 10% of their body weight, but 10% is the target because it leads to clinically meaningful improvements in all metabolic and inflammatory parameters.

How much is Calibrate weight loss? Calibrate Pricing

Calibrate is presently providing Early Access Pricing on its One-Year Metabolic Reset program, which costs $129 per month through their payment partner Affirm or $1,550 when paid in full. Those who want a one-time Metabolic Health Assessment with a Calibrate doctor can do so for $249. Find out more here

In addition to these expenses, you may be required to pay for your prescription medicine. The amount will be determined by your insurance coverage.

If you are not ready to commit right away, you can choose the one-time Metabolic Health Assessment. This is $249. It comprises of a virtual visit with a doctor to examine your present health, check your lab test results, and offer an overview of the year-long program for you.

In addition to these expenses, you may be required to pay for your prescription medicine. The amount will be determined by your insurance coverage.

Let’s now compare these prices to one of Calibrate’s competitors. Consider Noom, a prominent weight-loss and exercise service that provides comparable programs. Noom employs a psychology-based strategy to assist its customers in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The monthly fee for this app is $59 USD.

Of course, this is far less than Calibrate’s monthly fee of $129. However, you must consider the additional services that Calibrate provides, such as one-on-one consultations and the ability to obtain a pharmaceutical prescription. These elements can be incredibly beneficial for those who find it difficult to persist with weight-loss regimens and obtain long-term success. As a result, for many people, the extra expense of Calibrate is worthwhile.

Finally, there’s no doubting that Calibrate is more expensive than other weight-loss strategies. However, if you can afford it, we genuinely believe it is well worth the money. That money will go towards assisting you in achieving long-term success.

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Who Is Calibrate For?

Calibrate is not for everyone, which is one of the most crucial things to remember. Before being accepted into the program, interested clients must first answer questions regarding their health, weight, and age.

Unless you have a metabolic problem, Calibrate is not for you if your BMI is less than 30. Their BMI cannot be less than 27 in that instance.

Calibrate is not open to women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or who have an eating disorder, a substance abuse problem, or cancer. Anyone under the age of 18 or over the age of 67 is also ineligible.

If you meet the criteria and believe this program is perfect for you, continue reading this Calibrate weight loss review to find out how to sign up.

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Is calibrate covered by insurance?

Most commercial and employer-sponsored insurance plans cover Calibrate medicine. The service assures that the cost of GLP-1 prescription will be less than $25 per month or it will return your money.

The One-Year Metabolic Reset and the Metabolic Health Assessment are not covered by insurance, although they do accept HSA or FSA. You must select the “billed once” option to spend those monies.

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What makes Calibrate different from other weight-loss apps?Calibrate vs Lumen vs Noom

Calibrate is pitted against competitors Lumen and Noom in the chart below.

Comparison Calibrate Noom  Lumen
Where to sign up   Joincalibrate


129/month  ($1550 billed once) + medication costs (capped at $25/month)

OR $249 for one-time metabolic assessment.



$199 for annual plan


Between $200-$300

Is prescription medication a component? ✔️



A one-year virtual program that comprises the following elements for a metabolic reset and at least 10% sustainable weight loss:

– lab work

– prescription medication

– doctor visits and medical team check-ins

– real-time coaching

– expert

-designed diet, sleep, exercise, and mental health curriculum

App for habit and behavior change that focuses on helping you achieve long-term success. A handheld device that detects CO2 emission and tells you whether you’re burning carbs or fats.Lumen determines if your body runs on carbohydrates or fats for fuel, and then suggests a diet plan, sleep schedule, and workout routine. All of this is done using an app.
App? ✔️ ✔️ ✔️


BMI of at least 30 (or 27 with existing metabolic conditions)


Anyone age 18 or older


Anyone age 18 or older

As you can see, the three companies’ methods differ slightly. For those with BMIs that meet the eligibility requirements, Calibrate uses a mix of prescription medicine and behavioral modifications. Noom is unique in that it focuses on behavioral modification without the use of medication and is available to all adults.

Calibrate provides you with someone to assist you in sticking to your plan, checking in, and holding you accountable. You’re on your own with Lumen which is a smart, futuristic approach to manipulate your metabolism.

All of the programs are centered on making holistic lifestyle adjustments in order to lose weight over time and keep it off in the long run. None of these are fad diets, restrictive diets, or quick-fix diets. They’re all geared toward behavioral and habit adjustments that will alter your way of life. For patients with specified BMIs who haven’t seen effects from diet and exercise alone, Calibrate can prescribe medication.


Is calibrate worth the money?

There are two types of weight loss: unhealthy weight loss and good weight loss. Calibrate is the latter, providing users with all of the tools they’ll need to successfully change their habits and lose weight for good.

Its emotional and scientific approach is extremely beneficial to any diet plan, but it isn’t truly a “diet.” It is, without a doubt, much more.

Clients can get to the root of their problems with the support of coaches and doctors along the road. Instead of instructing them to eat less and exercise more, this encourages individuals to make healthy and positive changes—a combination that can work but isn’t as straightforward as some programs make it out to be.

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Calibrate Promo codes & Discounts

Calibrate is presently offering new clients a $250 discount when they join up for the Metabolic Health Assessment or the One-Year Metabolic Reset packages. This deal will only be available for a limited time, so take advantage of it as soon as you can.

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The Verdict – does calibrate weight loss program work?

As you may have guessed, we’re big supporters of Calibrate. Apart from a few minor gripes, we can’t say enough excellent things about this weight-loss regimen. Although it necessitates a large financial investment, we believe it will be well worth it in the long term.

Calibrate uses an effective and safe curriculum to produce long-term outcomes. We’re absolutely on board!

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