Bultex connected mattress: a must smart health object for improving your sleep

The company specializing in bedding, Bultex, has just presented a Bultex connected mattress that analyze your sleep to improve it.

Many people suffer from a bad sleep and do not know why. Also, Bultex has just introduced a range of connected mattresses that analyze many parameters of your connected sleep to give you personalized advice to improve the quality of it. The bedding specialist presented a range of 8 mattresses connected to attractive rates.

Measure the phases of sleep

Under its brand Bultex, Cofel (220 million euros turnover) has decided to launch a mattress connected, able to analyze the different phases of sleep, its duration, microreveils, the temperature of the room [ …]. These parameters are measured thanks to a built-in sensor in the mattress, which communicates them to a bracelet that must wear the sleeper, every night, or only when he decided to test his sleep. Data then analyzed via an application downloaded to a smartphone. “The latter offers users assessments and expert advice,” says the group, to change their habits.

Why use this Bultex connected mattress ?

This connected mattress has been designed to detect the sources of your sleep problems. This applies to the duration of sleep, the different phases of sleep, the micro-awakenings during the night or the temperature of the room. Parameters that are taken into account by a smartphone application that will give you sound advice to improve your sleep. He is able to analyze the various parameters related to your sleep. These settings are taken into account from an application that will be installed on your Smartphone. The latter will give you good advice to improve your sleep.

Moreover, the analysis of the quality of sleep is not a new thing. Previously, applications, bracelets and connected watches have already preceded this invention. The peculiarity is that it will be your connected mattress itself that will do the analysis. The analysis of sleep with a mattress or other connected object is a way to become aware of the quality of sleep while having an objective measure. In addition, the results obtained are very useful in improving his sleep.

How to test your sleep with this smart mattress?

The various parameters such as the phases of sleep, its duration, the micro-alarm or the temperature of the chamber can be measured thanks to the various sensors that are integrated into the mattress. A bracelet, which the sleeper who wishes to analyze his sleep has to wear, communicates with these sensors. The data obtained will then be analyzed via an application downloaded to your Smartphone. It is this application that will offer, in turn, balance sheets and advice worthy of an expert. In addition, the application is compatible with iOS and Android systems.

bultex smart health device ehealth 智慧医疗智慧健康设备The benefits of having a mattress connected

The main advantage of the connected mattress is that it detects and solves the problems related to your sleep. Moreover, it adapts to your heart rate and your temperature thanks to the different sensors it is equipped with. This smart mattress feels when your body temperature decreases or increases. To provide comfort in your sleep, he adapts his temperature to an optimal level. For children, a connected mattress can pinpoint when the child falls asleep. In the case where the light is also connected, it will be extinguished thereafter. For the elderly, the smart mattress can measure their heart rate and inform you if something goes wrong. Having this Bultex mattress connected would be really practical and enjoyable.


The entry-level model will start at 500 euros the mattress while the most advanced model will be charged 2,000 euros. The launch of the range is in 2019.


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