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Body Cardio: the Smart Health Best Wellness scale that monitors your heart

Body Cardio: the Smart Health Best Wellness scale that monitors your heart

On April 18 2019,Withings announced the return of the pulse wave velocity (VOP) measurement on the Smart Health Best Wellness device Body Cardio. This flagship feature has been disabled since January 2018.

The Body Cardio from Withings offered a very interesting feature. With the connected scale , one could measure his pulse wave velocity. This option differentiated it from the previous products of the brand.

A clean design at the service of precision

At only 1.8 cm thick, coupled with the patented Position Control technology, the 4 sensors nestled under its tempered glass top provide extremely precise body composition and cardiovascular health measurements.

With this measurement, users could know their arterial rigidity. By checking how the pulse wave propagated along the artery and the arterial tree, the scale gave them a clear idea of ​​the state of this part of the body. If the speed is too high, it may indicate that the subject has hypertension or diabetes.

The most advanced connected scale in the world

Body Cardio gives you an indication of your cardiovascular health with pulse wave velocity, an innovative measure generally limited to the hospital environment, as well as heart rate while standing. It also tracks weight, body composition (body fat, water percentage, muscle and bone mass) and syncs with the free Health Mate app (iOS & Android ™) to show you your progress and help you reach your goals. goals.

Follow your heart health at home

Body Cardio measures pulse wave velocity, recognized by the medical community as an indicator of cardiovascular health. The pulse wave velocity corresponds to the speed of propagation of the blood in the arteries. The higher it is, the more it indicates a certain arterial rigidity, sign of risk (or presence) of hypertension.

Body Cardio allows you to view your measurements directly on the scale display. Find them in the Health Mate app, with color-coded to see where you are, with educational content that will give you tips to reduce your pulse wave speed and improve your cardiovascular health. Whatever your level of fitness, you will clearly see the impact of your new habits (a healthier diet, more physical activity) on your overall cardiovascular health.

Measure, observe, progress

Users who set a weight goal in Health Mate lose twice as much weight. Give yourself a goal and Health Mate accompanies you and encourages you to reach it.

All your weighings are automatically saved in the Health Mate app over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. At any time you can look at your weight curve and spot the events that make it vary.

body cardio -la-balance-Smart Health Best Wellness device 智慧健康智慧医疗设备Overprotection by Nokia

According to the telecom equipment manufacturer’s health division, it was likely to require “additional regulatory approvals”. This anticipation of the application of the RGPD on May 25, 2018 had penalized the manufacturer of connected objects.

He had to remove the pulse wave velocity measurement by update. Nokia Health then offered a refund of the connected balance Body Cardio for those who wanted it.

In the meantime, Nokia Health has become Withings again. Eric Carreel, the e co-founder of the brand was surprised at the removal of this feature from the Digital. After the buyout, he said he wanted to reintroduce her on the Body Cardio.

Body Cardio remains very innovative

 In a press release published on April 18th Withings states:

“After examination by the competent authorities and an audit conducted by Withings, it appears that no additional regulatory need is required today for the return of the VOP on Body Cardio scales in Europe which is not classified” device medical”.

The product designed in partnership with Professor Boutouryie, a cardiologist and researcher at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital, comes back complete. The first connected scale equipped with the VOP could also return to the United States.

Body Cardio users can already update the connected scale. The others can get it for 149.90 euros instead of 179.90 euros at launch. Amazon sells it even $149.60. You can buy it with a cheaper price 106 USD at Withings official site.


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