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Bob mini dishwasher – the revolutionary mini dishwasher between technology and storytelling

Bob mini dishwasher – the revolutionary mini dishwasher between technology and storytelling

If we tell you Bob, what do you think? Bob Marley? Bob Sinclar? We think of a dishwasher. Let us show you your future equipment Bob mini dishwasher . Daan Tech has just unveiled its little gem: an ultra-efficient and ecological mini dishwasher, and its name is… Bob! Anyway, without further ado, let’s move on to the presentation.


At first glance, you might think that this is just a simple dishwasher. In fact, not really. It is the most compact and fastest dishwasher in the world and the most ecological! Bob’s concept is to offer small apartments, motorhomes, offices, everywhere … a dishwasher that will follow you and your dishes. It is convenient for people who do not want to waste space for a dishwasher or for those without a water supply, because yes, Bob can operate without being connected to a water supply. To put it simply, it’s a technological gem in the end, what about us? We love it.

For the little story…

A dishwasher that fits on a dish rack, the idea may seem too good, it is so obvious. The real challenge was to put it into practice, without conceding a black spot as to its use. Three strong arguments: “throw in the towel”, “consume less”, “use it everywhere”, brought the project to fruition. But not without a few twists and turns … It all started in 2016, in La Roche-sur-Yon, Vendée, with engineer Damian Py and Antoine Fichet, marketing experts, aged 24 and 28 respectively. Encouraged on social media, they moved to the premises of Fagor, a former home appliance manufacturer. They thus founded Daan Tech, which depends on the company S20 Industries.

But a receivership of S20 forces them to postpone the development of Bob, and to find another production site. In 2020, Bob finally sees the light of day, becoming the first ambassador of the Daan Tech slogan: “Designing Meaningful Things”. In the meantime, the former technical director of S20 Industries, Nicolas Ravallec, has joined the ambitious duo, and today helps to grow the company.

Daan Tech is an industrial company committed to the environment and resolutely opposed to planned obsolescence.

Technical characteristics

Brand: Daan Tech
Origin: Vendée (France)
Dimensions: 34 x 49 x 49 cm
Weight: 10 kg
Tank capacity: 4L
Consumption: 3L of water max
Energy efficiency: A ++
Body colors: black or white
Spare parts: available at least 8 years
Door colors: 12 available
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch.
Connectivity: Wi-Fi
2 years warranty

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • Practical and ecological cassette system (not compulsory)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Designer jewel
  • Works without water supply

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • The tank option requires filling Bob with each use
  • Cassettes twice as expensive as a traditional detergent



Bob is received in a protected kraft cardboard box, but what makes the package so special is this famous bag in the colors of all Bobs! It’s quite original and it is a change from the usual big boxes of household appliances. Always in an ecological approach, the objective of the bag is that it is reused to transport the Bob anywhere. Or if you wish, to do your shopping. No plastic overwrap.
Inside, we find various accessories. The essentials to wash your dishes:

1 power cord (1.5m)
1 drain hose (1.5m)
1 basket
1 module 6 plates
2 modules 2 glasses
1 covered module
1 explanatory note

Regarding the connection of the Bob, we find at the back:

1 power socket
1 water inlet (not compulsory)
1 outlet to drain Bob (hose included)


Design and Ergonomics of Bob, the miniature dishwasher

Bob is either white or black, with a porthole door (12 possible colors) that lets in the light of purplish blue lighting. Three buttons, a display and the model name complete Bob’s one-eyed figure. Its compact size is as deep as it is tall, which still takes up a bit of space. But Bob is a character whose presence we like to notice. An opening is provided to accommodate the pop / rock cassette to release detergent and maintenance salt.

The rear accommodates the power supply cable, water inlet and outlet. When plugged in, a touch sensor demagnetizes the door for easy opening. Finally, the access to the water tank is just at the top left of the door. It is relatively narrow, but it fills easily.

Installing your Bob mini-dishwasher

Empty, the machine weighs only ten kilos, and the handles integrated below will greatly help its transport. No need to find a permanent surface for it, as long as you have a place to drain the water, whether it is a sink, bucket or other container with a capacity of at least 4L. Remember to fix the water outlet hose, which you can tighten with the clamp provided for this purpose. A fastening system will prevent it from wandering around when the water runs out. Plug in Bob and a little retro console jingle will sound in your kitchen. The screen will then light up, showing you how to configure the device.

Daan Tech Dishwasher Setup

First you choose between 6 available languages, then you command Bob to use either the water inlet or the tank. Finally, the device recommends that you connect to Wi-Fi in order to benefit from Bob +. This will allow you to further customize your mini dishwasher (sound and image), but above all you will have the possibility of automatically or manually ordering pop / rock cassettes. Additionally, it gives you access to updates from Bob, which appears to be a product destined to undergo design iterations.

All the features of the Bob mini dishwasher even without a water inlet

Once you have given the first instructions to your small dishwasher, it will offer you several simple programs broken down into 7 screens (+1 if you have taken the UV option when purchasing). Among them, you have the Settings, the dedicated screen for cassettes and 5 cycles:

daily (50 min)
glasses (15 min)
express (20 min)
eco (90 min)
intensive (91 min)

Alas, we didn’t get the UV disinfectant feature, which doesn’t seem “downloadable” if you didn’t already have it originally (€ 39 pre-order). In any event, during this pandemic period, it will be useful to sterilize your masks, keys, etc.


When we start the dishwasher Bob, we are treated to some retro Gameboy-style video game music (super fun) and the Bob OS starts up!

Once launched, we have access to the different washing programs, here they are:

  • Express program
  • Intensive program
  • Daily Schedule
  • Glasses program
  • UVC option


The advantage of this dishwasher is that it tells you the amount of water needed for each program and you can see that it never exceeds 4 liters, great!

You can determine your favorite program and it will appear first when Bob starts up.

We have UVC sterilization mode, what is it? It is possible to disinfect all kinds of objects. Big plus, given the current COVID-19 situation, it becomes important to keep everyday items free from germs, viruses and bacteria. And for peace of mind, you can now disinfect the Sensitive Object Set with Bob using the Ultraviolet Disinfection Module.

Then we have the settings part which allows you to create a personalized cycle, change Bob’s ringtone, the background image or even connect him to a wifi network! Why connect a dishwasher to the internet? Quite simply to take advantage of the Bob + service which allows you to receive a Bob cassette once it is almost empty and that directly from the dishwasher.

Speaking of the Bob Cassette, this is what it is: the most efficient solution to washing your dishes with Bob, but also the most efficient dishwasher detergent dispensing system in the world. Simply put, it’s a cassette that injects the right amount of the right detergent at the right time in the cycle, ensuring the best possible wash quality while avoiding product waste. Plus it’s 100% recyclable and returnable. One cassette = 30 cycles. If you want to use classic products without Bob Cassette it is possible but the innovation of this product is still strong.

Pop cassette use

If you run a program with the tank, the device will always ask that the 4L be filled to 100%. It may seem like a long time, but you will soon be rewarded with an electronic twitter. The program starts up, starting with a check of the drain system, then a digital counter displays the remaining time. Souls of children are likely to be captivated by the sight of powerful jets of frothy water, which happily splash throughout the cabin. When the cycle ends, the door opens to let the steam escape and begin the air drying process. A few minutes are enough before you can collect your still hot dishes. For us, the result is clear: the plates, cutlery and containers are clean, and all residues have passed into the drained water.

The cassette system

Daan Tech is betting here on the ecological perspective of their innovation, by offering recyclable cassettes, more expensive however than traditional detergents. The pop cassettes include the washing product and the maintenance salt. Each (€ 9.90 per unit) is equivalent to 30 washes. Once inserted, you won’t have to worry about it until it’s replaced. Rock n ‘roll tapes are only used once, for a complete cleanup of Bob. After four empty cassettes, you can return them free of charge to Daan Tech. However, this very well-oiled system has the disadvantage of being more expensive than the use of tablets (up to € 50 per year). Two-thirds of this difference is justified by the cost of return delivery of the containers. However, the less music lovers can easily use an all-in-1 gel.


In order to test the effectiveness of the Bob, what better than to test to fill it after a good squeegee?

We open the door with full hands, but just touch the top of the door with our elbow or hand or finger and it opens because yes it is tactile, and it’s super practical when we don’t have the hands free.

Once filled, Bob drains automatically and starts by starting with the tank filling

Then, quite simply, the washing begins with the remaining time

The washing begins, thanks to the light and the small window, we can contemplate our dishes getting a makeover.

Then 90 minutes later:

A small trace of limestone on the knife but it is not bound to the dishwasher. The result is incredible.
The photo speaks for itself, in intensive mode, I have dishes like new and without the smell of products or traces of water. The door opens automatically to avoid retaining heat.

I was also able to test the Eco and Daily mode for my everyday dishes and I confess that I am always so surprised by the cleaning capacity. The satisfaction of not consuming a lot of water and using an ecological product is great, especially since I no longer do the dishes now …

The photo speaks for itself, in intensive mode, I have dishes like new and without the smell of products or traces of water. The door opens automatically to avoid retaining heat.


There are also options to complement your Bob:
The Extraglass Pack which can wash up to 12 glasses!

The big innovation that is available is the Pop Cassette! It includes 30 doses of all-in-one product. You don’t need to buy any special dishwasher salt or rinse aid, everything is included in the Bob cassette.

The Bob carafe with a capacity of 1.3 liters which makes it easy to fill your Bob for those who do not want to use the water supply.



There are other options such as the water inlet hose or a lock that secures Bob.

How to maintain Bob?

Daan Tech’s mini dishwasher requires very little attention. In the instructions, you are simply advised to rinse the filters regularly (obviously, ideal would be after each use, but this is not essential), and to rub them once a week (or every 10 cycles). The heating disc needs to be gently wiped off once a month (or every 30 cycles). The rock n roll cassette will take care of all the other interior components. For external items, such as the screen and buttons, use a damp cloth when you feel it is necessary.

Who is the Bob Mini Dishwasher for?

We obviously think of the usefulness of a Bob for small apartments, offices, motorhomes and other caravans. Its compact size, its 10-year life expectancy, and the fact that it operates without a water supply are necessarily among the main arguments. In pre-order, it will cost 300 € instead of 350 €. In addition, the UV disinfection module can be added for 40 € (and not 50 €). Other options like the Bob Carafe (€ 9), the water inlet pipe (€ 15), the Bob Extraglass (€ 29) and even a lock (€ 10) are also available. So much for the purely commercial aspect. But there is more: the designers of Bob are keen to promote more eco-responsible consumption, with “made in France” and recyclable cassettes. Beyond the strategy of enchantment, the firm has the merit of promoting very concrete values. And that deserves encouragement. From everyone.



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    ECOLOGICAL - 8.7/10
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In line with Apple, which always maintains itself at the crossroads of the arts and technological advances, Daan Tech invites you to tell a story with a little guy of household appliances. Like Dyson, who manages to make each of your household chores fun, Daan Tech suggests that you turn a daily chore into melody. As you will have understood, Bob is one of the innovation models which integrate the human being at the heart of their DNA, without forgetting to be technically flawless. Of course, it will not revolutionize your daily life like a smartphone; but he will content himself with adding a pinch of the marvelous.

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