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Bluefin SUP review: the 5 best Bluefin SUP boards

Bluefin SUP review: the 4 best Bluefin SUP boards

The Bluefin SUP brand was founded in early 2010. Bluefin is based in West Yorkshire, UK, from where its products are sold worldwide. The Bluefin product portfolio is aimed at the whole family, with a focus on having fun in and on the water. Bluefin manufactures inflatable stand up paddle boards and also offers the necessary accessories in its range.

The deliveries from Bluefin contain the SUP board and a complete package of accessories. In addition, the Bluefin SUP boards are provided with a fixed GoPro bracket. Kayakers, anglers and yoga fans will also find what they are looking for in Bluefin’s diverse range. The Air Duo construction (two independent air chambers) guarantees more safety on the water.

The preferred material for the Bluefin brand is high quality PVC. For the production of the Bluefin SUP boards, this is sewn tightly together using the complex drop-stitch process. The result is the very high stability and the associated durability of the boards. Bluefin responds to defects and manufacturer errors with a 5-year guarantee for newly acquired SUP boards.

Bluefin SUP test: The best SUP boards from Bluefin

Bluefin Sprint

The Bluefin Sprint first appeared in 2018 and is a racing and touring board. With its 427 cm length, it is above average and thus holds the course very well. With a width of 77 cm, the board is sporty and slim and reaches its maximum speed very quickly.

Despite its narrow width, the Bluefin Sprint has an extraordinary carrying capacity of 160 kilograms and weighs only 13 kilograms. Due to its narrow and long cut, the board is also very suitable for longer tours where kilometers need to be made.

The board is more suitable for advanced SUPper who want to face new challenges.

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  Bluefin SUP review: the 4 best Bluefin SUP boards

Bluefin Sprint SUP 

Update of Bluefin Sprint,the Bluefin SPRINT 14′ Stand Up Paddle Board Package is the ultimate race Stand Up Paddle Board package available on the market. The iSUP kits come with everything needed for beginner and experienced paddle boarders.

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BlueFin Supboards 

Bluefin Cruise

The Bluefin Cruise is one of the most successful boards at the moment. There are four different sizes, Bluefin Cruise Jumior, Bluefin Cruise 10´8, Bluefin Cruise 12 and Bluefin Cruise Tandem. The Bluefin Cruise 10´8 is 325 cm long and weighs 12 kg and the Bluefin Cruise 12 is 366 cm long and weighs 14 kg.

The model is a typical all-round board, which is cut more rounded, but tapers at the front. The SUP board offers a lot of stability and carrying capacity due to its width of approx. 83 cm and a height of 15 cm. For this reason, it is very suitable for beginners.

The Cruise 10´8 has a carrying capacity of 130 kilograms, the Cruise 12 has a carrying capacity of 140 kilograms. Since the Bluefin Cruise is an all-round board, it can also be used many times on different waters and for different activities.

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  BlueFin Supboards

Bluefin Cruise Carbon

The Bluefin Cruise Carbon is an upgraded carbon version of the popular Bluefin Cruise.
It comes in the known dimensions 10´8 with 330 cm length and 12 with 362 cm length.
The Bluefin Carbon has gained a little weight and weighs 15 kilograms in the 10’8 version and 19 kilograms in the 12 version, but retain their respective load capacities of 130 and 140 kilograms.

The board is an all-round board that, like its predecessor, offers a lot of stability and can be used in different waters and for different areas. Whether longer tours or surfing smaller waves, the Bluefin Cruise Carbon is right in the middle.

Due to its versatility, the Bluefin Carbon is also very suitable for beginners and offers a lot of fun for experienced SUPpers.

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BlueFin Supboards 

Bluefin mammoth

The Bluefin Mammut is a more person SUP and also the largest SUP board in the world. With its 550 cm length and 150 cm width, up to 10 people can fit on the SUP board. The carrying capacity is 650 kilograms and weighs only 27 kilograms itself.

The board has 10 handles and is therefore easier to transport. With its 5 tail fins it holds the course, but should rather be used in calmer waters. The space of the Bluefin Mammut makes it ideal for smaller events on the water, such as birthday parties, excursions and team building.

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Due to the specialization in the production of inflatable Bluefin SUP boards, Bluefin is a very good point of contact in the water sports sector if you are looking for good quality, extensive equipment and useful accessories. Thus, the Buefin SUP boards offer variable application possibilities both for the whole family, as well as for SUPers with high demands.

Due to the wide and specialized product range, Bluefin offers high quality SUP boards for beginners, advanced and sporty ambitious people. The scope of delivery is satisfactory and even offers helpful extras in the area of ​​SUP accessories.

The areas of application are on calm as well as on moving waters.

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