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Bluefin Fitness Kick high-speed treadmill: With aero cushioning system

Bluefin Fitness Kick high-speed treadmill: With aero cushioning system

With the Bluefin Fitness KICK, the young British company Bluefin, which has previously specialized in vibration plates, has now brought a treadmill onto the market for the first time. The result is a powerful and compact high-speed treadmill that is particularly noticeable thanks to its joint-friendly cushioning system and its powerful motor.

How is the equipment?

The treadmill is aimed at hobby athletes and offers appropriate equipment and performance. With a maximum speed of up to 20 km / h you can jog properly and increase yourself. This also appeals to experienced runners. In addition, there is a gradient that can be set at around 15 percent. That speaks for a very personalized and individual training. The model is equipped with a digital fitness console and, with the training computer, offers the possibility of recording training data such as pace and distance as well as pulse. There is also a Bluetooth function and integrated loudspeaker. In addition, you can use the sports equipment with a compatible app. We give 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Powerful, responsive drive motor

The heart of the KICK  is a 2,200 W DC motor, which provides a powerful, even drive in continuous operation with 3 HP. In peak operation, for example when the speed is increased rapidly or when the incline is adjusted, the compact motor can even generate up to 7 hp. This means that he reacts very quickly and flexibly to user input. According to customers, the drive works quietly and is designed for a permissible user weight of up to 150 kg.

Top speed 20 km / h

With up to 20 km / h you can train at a high level with the KICK . Three direct selection buttons for 4, 8 and 12 km / h are available for quick speed setting. In addition, the “Speed ​​+” and “Speed ​​-” buttons can be used to make finer gradations. An automatic calibration function, which runs continuously in the background, ensures that the set values ​​are implemented exactly and the pace is kept constant.

Incline adjustment up to 15 percent

If you would like to make your training even more strenuous, burn more calories or train for mountain runs, you can set the incline of the treadmill up to 15 percent at the push of a button. For this purpose, three direct selection buttons for 3, 6 and 9% incline as well as the “Incline +” and “Incline -” buttons for fine adjustment in steps of one percent are arranged on the console.

Aero cushioning system that is gentle on the joints

The construction, made up of five layers of rubber and PVC, has several positive functions: It has an antistatic effect, reduces running noise, guarantees a perfect grip, is resistant to moisture and sweat and supports the damping properties. The aero damping system is primarily responsible for reducing the impact forces in a joint-friendly manner: eight shock absorbers distributed over the entire surface absorb the impacts as best as possible and gently cushion the steps. This protects the joints.

Size of the tread

With 48 x 130 cm, the running surface of the Kick  is sufficiently dimensioned for comfortable training, so that people who are around 1.85 meters tall can also train on it.

Foldable with “Push & Release” system

The Bluefin KICK  comes home largely pre-assembled. Only a few screws have to be fitted with the tool supplied. An operating manual with information on assembly is included. When in operation, the treadmill measures 170.6 x 80.7 x 135 cm (L x W x H), but can be folded to a compact size of 85.1 x 80.7 x 148.9 cm for easier storage. An innovative folding system with hydraulic spring makes it easier to fold. The hydraulic arm of the “Push & Release” system locks in securely, but can also be easily unfolded again. When unfolding, the spring ensures a slow, controlled lowering. And the integrated transport rollers make it easier to move the treadmill around the home.

Clear operating console

The 5-inch LCD display with blue backlight is directly in view. Here the training time, the distance covered, the speed, the calories consumed and the heart rate are clearly displayed. So you always have full control over all training data. In addition to the already mentioned buttons for direct selection and fine adjustment of speed and incline, the console only has a start and a stop button as well as a button for program selection and a mode button. This means that operation remains extremely simple and intuitive. Below the display, the profiles of the 12 different pre-installed training programs are shown, from which you can choose a suitable program.

Security key

A security key is attached to the lower side of the console and can be attached to clothing with a clip. If you should stumble while running, the key is released from the contact area and the treadmill is stopped immediately.

Integrated bluetooth speaker and tablet holder

So that the right motivation is always provided during training, the KICK  is equipped with a holder for a tablet or smartphone. In connection with the two built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can watch films or series or listen to your favorite music while exercising, without the need for headphones.

Social media compatible app control

The functions of the KICK  can be expanded even further using a mobile device with a fitness app, such as the FitShow app. This can be used, for example, to document training results and to measure progress. Results can be shared with friends. It is also possible to take part in virtual runs via social media or to train with other runners.

Chest strap for heart rate monitoring included

The scope of delivery already includes a chest strap for precise measurement of the heart rate. The pulse can always be tracked on the display or mobile device and trained in the correct target pulse range. In addition, two hand pulse sensors are integrated below the console, which can also be used to determine the pulse values.


The treadmill earned praise and criticism online. Above all, critics complain that the maximum weight proposed for the user does not apply. It is not possible to train with a body weight of around 150 kilograms. Instead, the maximum weight is only 130 kilos. Furthermore, there is criticism because the treadmill is not found stable enough and the compatible app unfortunately has some errors and hangs up easily. But there is also praise in the shop. The equipment and features convince you and you are happy about the foldable design. Basically, you can train well on the treadmill. We give 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Price-performance ratio

You can currently get this model from UK for £674.00,from France,Germany,Italy and Spain for 899 euros in the  Bluefin Official online shop. The treadmill is priced in the moderately middle range. In return, it offers advantages but also minor deficits. We give 4 out of 5 stars.

You can’t buy this model from USA,but there is alternative model 

Bluefin Fitness KICK 2.0 Innovative High-Speed Folding Treadmill | Kinomap | Live Video Streaming | Video Coaching & Training | Quiet | 12 Km/h + 18% Incline | Joint Protection Tech | HRC Sensors

 in stock
as of November 5, 2022 7:54 pm


  • INTEGRATED SMARTPHONE KINOMAP APP: The treadmill is compatible with the Kinomap fitness app - featuring thousands of training videos from around the world, coaching & training classes & structured workouts. Join the Kinomap community today!
  • LOOKING FOR A GENUINE RUNNING EXPERIENCE AT HOME? Our running machine arrives 90% assembled. Simple set up with help guide. Instantly fold up compact, portable Kick & slide away till your next run.
  • JOINT PROTECTING SHOCK ABSORPTION - Joining the family of top-notch treadmills. Unique Aero-damping system makes every stride as smooth & low impact as possible. Extra large 5-layer anti-static track is quiet under foot, provides excellent traction & moisture resistance.
  • QUIET, ENERGY EFFICIENT MOTOR- Designed for professional training. Silent & efficient motor for speeds up to 12 Km/h, with 18% manual incline. Automatic drive recalibration with every step for smooth pace & responsive programs.
  • FULLY LOADED ACCESSORIES - Bright digital screen displays speed, calorie gauge, run time & distance. Integrated hand sensors for heart rate monitoring + Wireless Heart Rate Strap Compatible. Bluetooth speakers & safety key.


With the KICK , Bluefin has successfully designed a treadmill that performs well for ambitious amateur athletes. Both in terms of the powerful drive and the good damping properties, the device can convince across the board. The maximum speed, which can be set to a high value, and the large incline allow running training at a demanding level, and that with a good price-performance ratio.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • Good equipment and functions
  • Foldable

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • Criticism of stability
  • Loading weight not correct


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