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The Blink Mini is a particularly affordable small security camera. A surveillance camera that fulfills its mission no more no less. The results of our Blink Mini Review of Amazon’s new camera.

Introducing the new entry-level security camera from an Amazon subsidiary, Blink. This camera is particularly accessible (sold less than 40 dollars) and will suit many situations to keep an eye on your smart health home. It’s a direct competitor to the popular Xiaomi Mi health home and the Ring Indoor Cam in the entry-level security camera market. Basic features you’d expect from a smart health home security camera at such a price. The Blink Mini therefore meets expectations no more no less, but suffers from a defect that could raise the eyebrows of a potential customer.

Blink Mini Security Camera Amazon Cloud Storage Review

Technical Specifications of Cheap Amazon Security Camera

Blink is a brand of smart health connected objects for the smart health home powered by the American e-commerce giant, Amazon. Unlike other wireless and battery operated security cameras marketed by the brand, the Blink Mini is a wired version that connects to a power outlet or a USB outlet. The security camera allows you to shoot HD videos in 1.080p with a viewing angle of 110 degrees. A night mode using infrared is also integrated.

The Blink Mini is also equipped with a motion detector. It is possible to configure detection zones to avoid false alerts. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connection, it can send alerts to the smartphone application. The camera is also equipped with a microphone and a loudspeaker allowing to listen to the sounds, but also to chat with the members of your family or so with the burglar. Obviously, the device is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. All recorded videos can be stored in the Cloud … and that’s where the rub is.


Blink Mini Security Camera Full Review

Although the camera will not be sold until May 13 (it is already available for pre-order on the Amazon site), we were able to Review the Blink Mini for several days. Here are the results of our Blink Mini Review although, due to quarantine due to a Coronavirus pandemic, the Review was slightly more limited than under normal conditions.

Very easy installation for the Blink Mini

The camera is already mounted, during unpacking, on its ball joint support. A set of screws is integrated into the box and allows the camera to be easily installed on a wall or other support. Once fixed, it is possible to orient the camera as best as possible on its ball joint to capture the desired area. The small size of the Blink Mini allows it to be installed almost anywhere as long as an electrical outlet is available nearby or a USB socket with sufficient power. This is the only real constraint for its installation. Constraint that wireless cameras actually don’t.

Blink Mini small discreet surveillance camera

Good detection ability

The tests carried out made it possible to verify that the motion detection system of the Blink Mini works very well and is particularly sensitive. It is also possible to adjust the sensitivity of the alerts, in particular so that pet owners do not receive false alerts at any time when their pet has decided to do some exercise.

It is possible to activate or deactivate the security camera via the application or Amazon Alexa. It is also possible to arm an activity calendar such as for the days and hours when you are at work or for the duration of your vacation, etc. However, it will have to go through IFTTT integration for the camera to activate or deactivate depending on the near or far position of your smartphone.

Blink Mini Security Camera Test from Amazon

Blink Mini offers good audio and video quality

Compared to other entry-level security cameras, the Blink Mini offers sharper image quality day and night with infrared mode. Note however that unlike its competitor Ring Indoor Cam, it is not possible to colorize the images taken at night. That said, Blink’s camera is 25 euros cheaper than that of Ring. So it’s hard to be disappointed with the lack of this function when the image quality seems a little better. The result is also convincing with the screen of the Amazon Echo Show if you have such a screen.

However, it is the quality of the two-way audio that positively surprises. The quality of the voice transmitted by the built-in microphone surprised us particularly and resembled that of an HD phone call. The quality of the sound emitted by the speaker is not, however, as perfect.

The disappointment: the “hidden” additional cost of the camera

While the camera does a great job of what you would expect from an entry-level security camera, the Blink Mini is a major disappointment. The device actually comes with free cloud storage only until the end of the year. If you already have a Blink account with another older camera then you can continue to benefit from free cloud storage. However, if this is your first acquisition of the American brand then you should know that from 1er January 2021 storage will have a cost.

It will actually cost 3 euros per month per camera or 10 euros per month for an unlimited number of cameras to be able to take advantage of the Cloud storage solution. Without this subscription, you will still be able to continue viewing the camera images in real time and receive live alerts, but will lose the possibility of viewing the recordings made. A disappointment therefore which adds a cost to the investment to be made.

Blink Sync Module 2: the accessory that allows you to store these videos for free

With Blink cameras it is also possible torecord your videos locally and for free. This accessory, Blink Sync Module 2, proves to be very useful, differentiating and innovative. He will be soon available for purchase.


Powered by a micro USB cable and a power cable, the module works with active 2.4 GHz wifi and a low frequency radio connection. According to the manufacturer, the synchronization module should be able to communicate with Blink units up to 30 meters in any direction. Regarding storage space, you can plug in a 64gb USB key maximum to module.

Themain interest compared to the competition resides in the fact that local storage may be hidden. Indeed, this one is generally in a micro SD card in the camera, which is not very secure.

Blink Mini Security Camera Test

The flash drive solution as a workaround

If you don’t want cloud storage, Blink’s next synchronization module 2 will allow you to connect removable storage to save your Blink Mini videos to a flash drive. It will also allow you to connect up to 10 Blink cameras on your network. It will cost 35 euros, which is as much as the camera itself. The synchronization module 2 should arrive in the coming months. The good news is that this is a one-time purchase that allows you to avoid paying for cloud storage.

The less good news, however, is that it only supports 64 GB of storage.. So you’ll probably need to have a second flash drive on hand if you want to record a large amount of footage. All told, this pushes a Blink Mini configuration with a single camera to almost 80 euros. We definitely prefer the simpler and more affordable micro SD card solution from the competitor Wyze Cam.


Comparison of the Blink Mini with the competition

In terms of image and sound quality, the Blink Mini does more than compete with Wyze Cam and Ring Indoor Cam surveillance cameras. On the price side, the camera of the Amazon subsidiary with its 39.99 euros is a little more expensive than the 25 euros for the Wyze Cam while offering more and less than that of Ring at 59 euros while offering a quality similar to except for color in night mode.

However, this is the storage solution that you could decide for one model or another.. The Blink Mini risks taking you through a subscription or other investment, doubling your investment in one year. With its microSD card system and free 14-day cloud service, Wyze’s entry-level model remains the benchmark for low prices.

Buy the Blink Mini at the best price


  • (+) Easy to install
  • (+) Good video and audio quality
  • (+) Easy to use
  • (+) Good detection ability
  • (+) Integrates perfectly into the Amazon universe


  • (-) The additional cost linked to Cloud storage from 2021
  • (-) An additional cost for storage on a flash drive
  • (-) Requires a power outlet

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