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Bigfoot Family

10 years old

Bigfoot Family is a 2020 film. A rather fluid computer-generated image, a lot of effects on the structures, but the faces remain rather inmobile. A moment at the beginning of the film to present the specificities of the hero and where the father comes from (so you don’t necessarily have to have seen the first film). The rhythm is rather slow apart from certain scenes at the end. We will follow different people (or animals) at the same time.



big foot. A new version of Big foot. Here he is accepted by society and above all well appreciated. Super hero. With abilities that make the little hero very strong (He has healing powers, he can talk to animals, he has super hearing).


Importance of being well with the family. The mother is also present in the adventure, we are shown to be inefficient, but loving. Relationship to father. Difficult for the son not to often see his father who is busy with his work and who invests in the community rather than being with him. Monopolizing work. A son does not appreciate seeing his father mobilize for causes and disappear far from him. Loss. We play with the fear of the disappearance of the father (the child mobilizes to go in search of him after the announcement of his death).


We criticize the danger of destroying ecosystems with drilling companies that want to look for oil in Alaska. Pollution. Some people would not hesitate to flood a valley with oil to make money. Activism. One person can change things. We are shown people who try to show that we must not let industry do it, we must save nature. If at the beginning we can be few people, with internet and a good staging, we can increase the views. You have to go through new technologies to win the fights. Nature. She is beautiful, we must protect her and she belongs to the animals. Importance of nature. Bigfoot cares about the environment. We are shown the great forests of Alaska.


We discover how industrialists can lie about the ecological impact they impose on nature. Do not believe the good words of those who talk about green oil. Criticism of those who have money to pay for advertising and thus put television channels in their pocket.

Bigfoot Family


We are shown that animals have a world of their own, we hear them speak and we become aware that they live their own stories (all thanks to the hero who can understand and talk to them). Wolf. We see some who are angry that humans are destroying nature.


One of the men who was thought to be a good green guy is actually on the bad guy’s side. The clothes do not make the man. Appearance. The ugly Texas industrialist changes his look to make it look like he’s a good environmentalist (there are some stereotypes).


We see that the notoriety of Bigfoot attracts advertisers. We criticize those who want to make money by launching products. Giving up the image is not ethical, it needs meaning. There is criticism of the use of advertisements to make viewers believe things.


Adam has to face his comrades who appreciate his father’s notoriety (but this is especially present at the beginning of the film, the boy will quickly become independent and disappear from school) (theme more present in the first film).

Interest in the opposite sex

We can clearly see that Adam is interested in Emma, ​​but he is too shy to express himself. Timidity. In the end, he dares to ask the girl out. Character sexualization. We criticize the presenter who allows herself to compliment the father’s physique.

Bigfoot Family

Bigfoot Family



The beginning of the film is stressful, a little rabbit is chased by a night wolf, to hectic music, we see him flee for a long time, finally being cornered, but a kind of explosion makes the animals stop. Gunmen want access to Adam and trick him into believing they are his mother’s friends, the animals go to help him, but they fire numbing darts that knock them out, then they chase the limping boy, fat tense music. We see him run for a long time and end up falling at the base of a large cliff, his pursuers believe him to be dead. The young boy finds himself alone in a dark cave where he is attacked by a wolf who cannot really be distinguished. The whole mine is going to collapse, the bomb must be deactivated, the Bigfoot family are spotted, and Connor Mandrake orders that this family be eliminated, their old friend starts flying drones that chase them, they have circular saws and cut the cables of the lift where the heroes are, they fall into the void. They are chased by the drones while being in mine carts, hectic moments, oil burns around the family. Adam wants to send a message, but there is not enough network and at the same time the cart falls into the water, the family is in rapids and Adam, it is feared that he will sink, but his father manages to to help, it is then the mother who takes a big risk and when the father goes to help her, they both end up at the bottom of an impressive fall. The two villains still want to blow everything up, they move forward with their vehicles, are overtaken by the animals driving, but who are shot with an anesthetic arrow, the bomb is thrown into the air, but Bigfoot manages to catch up, Arnaud points his gun at it and wants to get it back.


It seems complicated for Adam to have everyone at school liking him because they want a dedication from his dad. Sadness of Adam who sees his girlfriend chatting with another boy. We see that an agent wants to make money from Bigfoot’s image of the father. Sadness of Adam who sees his father leaving far from him for his ecological causes. The father visits a ghost town, it’s a bit tense. Disturbing noises that wake Bigfoot. The father enters the factory without authorization, he discovers that the industrialist has lied, but is discovered by a drone, we do not know what happens to him. The father’s videos are erased, Adam learns that he has disappeared on television, and it is made to believe that he was attacked by wolves. The mother rooms her son, telling him that he is as shy as his father and that he should tell Emma about his feelings. Arrival of Adam and his mother in the ghost town, the vehicle has a breakdown and they are afraid of not getting out of it. We realize that there is no longer a single protester, they were afraid of the wolves. The wolf who accompanies Adam is rather grumpy, even aggressive, he is hungry and wants to eat a little rabbit, the young boy tries to stop him (and he offers him to become a vegetarian). In the factory the oil is flowing, we see that it is polluting, a small family of animals must pass between the traxes. The wolf and Adam must hide from the drones. It is feared that Adam will be discovered by Connor Mandrake. Arnaud has pretended to be nice, he is in fact in the pay of the industrialist, he puts handcuffs on Adam. The raccoon drives a motorhome, he risks accidents. The industrialist is facing Adam, he just wants his oil company X-Trakt to bring him as much money as possible, he makes the boy believe that he is going to bring him to his family and pushes him over the precipice. Adam sends a message by phone telling everything he never dared to say. In the darkness of the mine, we see a skull and we are afraid of something (but it is only his mother). The manufacturer accelerates the countdown, there are only 10 minutes left before the explosion. There is a countdown with the stress of Adam failing to defuse the bomb. The bad guys try to run away, but they are sent into their oil by the animals.


The principal of the school is childish. Even if we appreciate people who protect nature, we are shown them very stereotypically. The animals are rather laughable, especially the rather full of himself raccoon or the bear who does not always master everything.


Classic (sometimes a little young, cretin, friend…). A song.

A film about Big Foot, in the relationship to the father and the strength of a child to solve problems. We keep a lot of the themes of the first film and we focus a lot around ecology and the evil oil salesman who wants to pollute to make money. The death of the father is feared to highlight the importance of the relationship between a father and his son. The scenario is not very complex, it is suitable for children. The animals are there to play the comic card.

what others say : here a review of the film.

Not recommended for children under:9 yearsFormat:feature filmYear:2020Duration:92 minutesStudio:Belga Productions, nWave Pictures, StudiocanalCountry:Belgium, FranceCreators:Ben Stassen, Jeremie DegrusonUniverse:Comedy, Fantastic, NatureTechnical:Synthesized imagesThemes:Activism, Animals, Appearance, Ecology, Family, Industrialization, Wolf, Monster, Publicity, Relationship with father, Timidity, Betrayal, Monopolizing work

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