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Top 12 the best smart health connected objects to sleep well

the best of the best smart health connected objects to sleep well Best smart health innovation

We can no longer count the number of smart health connected objects intended for improving sleep on the market. Within this ocean of gadgets, has selected several best smart sleep products for you. Either way, they have managed to stand out and should provide you with restful rest.

Sleep is crucial for a good day and be effective in what we do. However, it is not always easy to find it, whether it be due to health problems or external factors. To remedy this, there are many objects, some of which have the distinction of being smart health connected. Among these, has chosen a number of them: the most striking. With them, sleep problems will only be more than distant memories.

Top 12 the best smart sleep products

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Beddit: a smart health connected bracelet for your mattress

The Beddit is a smart health connected object which analyze your sleep. This one will appeal to those who don’t like to wear bracelets overnight. Because yes, unlike most sleep monitoring products, the beddit does not not tie around your wrist. It comes in the form of a strip to place on your mattress at chest height. This one, stuffed with sensors, will record your heart and respiratory rate, and your movements.

Discreet, the Beddit is not even felt. Once in place, simply install the application on your smartphone and enter some personal information to receive a complete sleep analysis (different phases, bedtime / wake-up time, etc.). Everything is recorded there, and each night will be compared to the previous ones, with a scoring system. You can afford it for $150 .

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Withings AURA: Sound and light for your sleep

The French from Withings are already well known in the world of smart health connected objects for health, in particular thanks to their Smart Body scales. With the Will have they offer a smart health connected device capable ofanalyze your environment and your sleep cycle, while offering sounds and lights.

Withings Aura Night

Composed of sensor to slide under the mattress and a device to place on your bedside table, the Aura is able to record your heart rate, breathing and movement. So he can choose from you wake up at the best time, where your sleep is shallowest. In this case, the device on your bedside table will emit a light sound and a morning light. In the same way it can help you fall asleep. This technology is based on studies carried out inter alia by the Nasa, in order to’help astronauts sleep thanks to certain lights whose wavelengths affect the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Withings Aura Pack

The Withings Aura can also analyze the movements around us, the brightness of the room, the temperature, the noises, to determine under what conditions our sleep is best. All this information is processed and available on the application of your smartphone.

It also includes relaxation programs if you feel like taking a nap. Last positive point, this one does not no waves at night, it waits for your alarm clock to synchronize with your smartphone. It allows a gentle awakening thanks to the blue light and dedicated music at the best time of your sleep cycle. However, it will cost you between $250 and $300 .

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The NeuroOn: Inception in your room

This product is good different others both in its concept and in its use, but its originality is worth its place in this article.

At the origin of NeuroOn, the IntelClinic Poles who had the idea to develop a sleep aid product intended mainly for frequent travelers. Indeed, the majority of smart health connected objects for sleep are intended to make us sleep well. Unlike them, based on monophasic sleep (only one sleep phase in the day), NeuroOn mainly relies on the polyphasic sleep, that is to say to distribute his rest time throughout the day. This habit allows reduce the amount of sleep you need.

The NeuroOn comes in the form of a night mask, except that this one is stuffed with electronics. He is able toanalyze brain waves, eye movement, muscle tension, blood oxygenation, body temperature and movement thanks to small electrodes and infrared sensors.

With all this information it determines the best time to wake up. To do this, it vibrates and simulates a morning light that gently wakes you up to avoid the morning “fog”.

Neuroone Smartphone

Another cool feature is the “timezones adjuster”. This calculates the jet lag of which you are a victim during long journeys, and organize your hours and rest times Consequently. This is why this product is rather intended for businessmen spending much of their time in the air.

You can now buy it on the official website.

Hug One: interconnection for your well-being

Here is the second frenchy of this top. Presented at CES in January, Hug One from Sevenhugs is a smart health connected platform which sleep analysis of the whole family. It includes a main brain, the HugOne, to install wherever you want in the house, and small sensors, minihugs to place in the rooms.

HugOne Bed

The HugOne is compatible with other smart health connected objects like’Smart bulb Philips Hue and the smart health connected thermostat from Nest. So you will be able to manage house temperature and brightness directly from your smartphone.

The other useful thing about HugOne, if you have kids, is its notification system. A message will appear on your smartphone and the main Hug will light up if they wake up in the middle of the night. In addition, the latter will warn you of a blue light when it is At bedtime.

HugOne Child Awake

During the day, the Hug will analyze the ambient air with its “volatile organic compounds” sensor and will light up if it is necessary to ventilate.

The HugOne is available on AMAZON site. Basic you will be entitled to the main Hug and two minihugs for the price of $179, but you can order another for $39 each.

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LUNA: the mattress that heated itself

Luna Cycle

Equipped with a wifi connection, the Luna can be remotely configure via the application on your smartphone. You can prepare the temperature of your bed before you even go health home. Best of all, this smart topper remembers the time you used to go to sleep, and automatically preheats the bed. And while you sleep, it continues to adjust the temperature based on your vital signs.

Luna Smartphone

The Luna fits perfectly into a smart health connected universe. Among other things, it can collect information from your other applications to determine what type of day best prepares you for a good night’s sleep. In other words if you use an application to manage your sporting activity or your diet, this information can be combined with that collected by the Luna to determine typical days, and their influence on your sleep.

Luna House

In addition to the apps on your mobile, the Luna can connect to your other smart devices (smartlock smart health connected lock, lamps, thermostat, etc.). For example, when you go to bed, your smartphone can automatically lock your apartment lock, turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat. And when you get out of bed, he can turn on the coffee machine.

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Lucid Catcher: Live your dreams

Most of the smart health connected objects dedicated to sleep are trackers that allow you to better understand how your sleep works in order to optimize your nights and be in the best shape. Innovation can improve your health and well-being, but it also allows you to have new experiences.

lucid catcher

This is what the Lucid Catcher offers: a night mask that facilitates lucid dreams. Some people are familiar with this phenomenon, but for others it is completely unknown. It’s all about being aware of your dream and taking control of it. Fly, travel, live only possible experiences in your dreams.

lucid catcher

The product is still in testing and the feedback seems positive. Many testers seem to experience lucid dreams. If you want to Review it yourself, you will need to go to the Lucid Catcher website and submit your application.


Terraillon Omni: and there was light

Terraillon is a specialist in well-being and smart health connected health. With this in mind, the brand has worked on light therapy: a practice which consists of daily exposure to white artificial light. Indeed, white light has a very broad spectrum which imitates that of the sun. Light therapy would notably treat seasonal depression.


Finally, it will be equipped with sensors that will allow it to analyze the environment of the room in the same way as the Hugone (temperature, brightness, humidity, etc.). She can even provide you with personalized advice via her application so that she can use it optimally.

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Sleep expert Beurer: record your sleep

Another well-known and recognized brand in the field of innovative technologies, Beurer has also taken an interest in tracking the sleep of its customers with the Sleep Expert. The purpose of this product is to help the user understand and improve their sleep pattern.

sleep expert beurer

It is a non-contact sleep monitoring placed under the mattress. It works in Bluetooth and is able to analyze the heart rate and the rhythm of your breathing. Otherwise, the device is also capable of creating a hypnogram, that is to say a graph of your sleep and waking phases in order to better understand how your nights are going.

sleep expert beurer

If you’re having trouble understanding the numbers, the Sleep expert will offer you a “sleep note” so that everyone can easily understand whether their sleep habits are the right ones, before delving into the product readings.

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Sensorwake: a good smell for a good mood


We have seen sleep aids via light, but they also exist with the smell. The Sensorwake is a very special alarm clock: indeed, rather than attacking you with an unpleasant ringing tone, it will wake you up with a smell of your choice.

The goal is to make waking up more pleasant, but also to boost the morale of the user for the day. Indeed, the sense of smell, like that of hearing or sight, is able to wake us up automatically. If the two minutes of perfume have failed to wake you up, a melody will slowly come to draw you from your dreams after three minutes. The product offers small capsules that contain pleasant odors like the seaside, pastries, peppermint, or fresh grass. Enough to spend much better mornings.

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Beurer SL70: the headset that promises an end to snoring

Beurer SL 70 snoring headset

Sleeping with your spouse involves many things: more warmth, more comfort … But also some inconvenience. Among these are snoring. These can become a real wound and prevent any restful sleep. Beurer SL70 therefore offers its solution to this problem with the SL70 headset. This uses a series of sounds when snoring is detected and “cancels” them if worn long enough.

smart health connected to your smartphone, the device provides sleep tracking and takes into account lots of data. Among them, we find the sleep time, but also the volume of snoring and their absence rate. The whole thing causes adaptation of the machine to your body and ultimately eliminates annoying noise. However, use the SL70 for a while before seeing an improvement. Available from 105 euros, we can say that its price is attractive compared to the competition.

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Moona: the smart pillow whose temperature you control

moona connected pillow

To get restful sleep, there are several objects as demonstrated by this top. However, a good pillow will always be one of the most important elements to sleep in the best conditions. If we generally think of a particular form to enjoy a certain comfort, the Moona offers something else. Indeed, this object from a successful Kickstarter campaign (more than 146,000 euros) offers a temperature management.

We’re talking about a real smart pillow and smart health connected which adapts its heat according to the periods of the night. Depending on your sleep phase, the sensor content inside reacts and transmits information to a pocket of water. It will then change its temperature based on the data received. It should also be noted that the cushion is composed of a foam memorizing the shape of your skull for better comfort. The Moona is currently available for  for 299 dollars..

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Emfit Sleep Tracker: track your sleep without contact

Emfit sleep white sleep tracker

The Emfit Sleep Tracker is a contactless product that offers a wide variety of programs. It is a fully automatic and autonomous device. Indeed, no need to prepare it, just link it to your smartphone and let it do its work. It is a sensor that is placed under the mattress. It is able to follow your heart rate and your breathing, but also your movements. With this data, he can recognize the different stages of sleep as you go through and thus define an optimized night program.

Its main asset is its diversity. Whether you’re an athlete, a senior, a sleep-deprived person, the Sleep Tracker will offer you a specialized program. Its other advantage is its total autonomy. When the user goes to bed, the Sleep tracker automatically begins to take measures that will be available when you wake up on your smartphone. It is today available around 350 euros at major distributors.

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Other smart sleep gadgets to help you sleep better

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