Cross trainer Review – The Best Seller Exercise Bike 2020 in Europe

Wonder trainer your body at home with a cross trainer?What is the Best Seller Exercise Bike 2020 in Europe? Which one is best high/quality price?This article give you a review and comparison.

Purchase recommendation for price-performance winner Sportstech CX608

With just under 400 euros, the purchase of this Crosstrainers does not hurt excessively – it is with Sportstech CX608 then a solid elliptical trainer in the hobby cellar, which allows joint-gentle training with 32 resistance levels, quiet operation and app connection. If you want more, in the more expensive, but also equipped with more extras crosstrainer MAXXUS CX 6.1 invest.

Sportstech CX608 crosstrainer

Pulse belt compatible elliptical trainer with tablet-mount ergometer, 12 kg flywheel, exercise bike with 3-part crank system

Pulse belt compatible elliptical trainer with tablet-mount ergometer, 12 kg flywheel, exercise bike with 3-part crank system

Cross trainer Review : purchase criteria for the exercise bike

When choosing the right cross trainer, interested people are confronted with many models and criteria – but which exercise bike has exactly what it takes for the individual training goal? We have compiled the essential purchase criteria for a crosstrainer and know exactly what makes a solid device different from a bad investment:

Inertia: The more flywheel, the more balanced the running feeling on the crosstrainer. The values ​​range from 10 to 29 kilograms for the devices in our exercise bike comparison – our purchase recommendation of the cross trainer over 500 euros, MAXXUS CX 6.1, offers here with 29 kilograms of the greatest luxury and particularly joint-gentle training.

Resistance levels: More levels of resistance means more variation in training and more accurate tuning to the daily load limit. The crosstrainer in our comparison show on average about 20 steps, our buy recommendation Sportstech CX608 comes up with an outstanding 32 resistance levels.

Maximum load: Anyone working at health home with the elliptical machine either wants to improve their fitness without leaving the house, or lose a few kilos in familiar surroundings. The recommended maximum load in terms of user weight varies depending on the device from 120 to 160 kilograms. Who at the beginning of the crosstrainer career brings a little more on the scales or want to train with weights, so for safety’s sake so in our recommended model MAXXUS CX 6.1 invest – this exercise bike holds according to the manufacturer, a user weight of up to 160 kilograms.

Pulse: To ensure that the pulse does not get out of control during training, most crosstrainer offer an integrated pulse measurement. Our recommended model in crosstrainer comparison, Sportstech CX608, has built-in hand-held pulse-measuring sensors and can be supplemented by a pulse belt for a more precise measurement.

Extras: From the self-sufficient supply of self-current over the Faltmöglichkeit for easier storage up to beverage or tablet holder – everyone wants for health home training other special features on the crosstrainer and should then choose the model.

App link: As with many fitness equipment, elliptical trainers are increasingly being combined with apps – so training data, achievements and fitness values ​​can be easily recorded and surveyed. Crucial is the Bluetooth interface or app integration not for the optimal crosstraining, but it brings a little game and digital fun in the health home sports. Our two recommended devices, MAXXUS CX 6.1 and Sportstech CX608, both can be controlled via app.

Price: In our crosstrainer comparison, the price range of the devices ranges from just under 200 to almost 1000 euros. For a solid, well-made crosstrainer with average functionality you pay at least 400 euros. Our recommended model, Sportstech CX608, is priced exactly in this area.

Crosstrainer under 500 Euro – best models in comparison

If you are still not sure whether training on your own health home trainer is really the right thing at health home and you are shying away from a big investment, then our range of cross trainer under 500 Euro is just right for you. Here are two solid devices with basic equipment at reasonable prices:

Sportstech CX608 Crosstrainer – Purchase recommendation Crosstrainer under 500 Euro

The elliptical trainer Sportstech CX608 is a basic device with the best value for the cardio endurance training at health home. He trains not only the leg muscles, but almost all major muscle groups – and the low-impact, so particularly gentle on the joints. The main training data can be viewed via the multifunction display. Alternatively, the tablet can be placed in the holder provided and connected via Bluetooth. Then not only during the training series can be watched, but also training progress and results are recorded via App. The whisper-quiet drive system ensures pleasantly quiet operation; Up to 32 resistance levels provide the right challenge for every level of training.

Crosstrainer Sportstech CX608 is our price-performance tip in the exercise bike comparison

Crosstrainer Sportstech CX608 is our price-performance tip in the exercise bike comparison


Sportstech CX608 crosstrainer Review 2020 – important tests

  • muckijunge.com gave the crosstrainer Sportstech CX608 a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and thus the grade “very good”. (As of 01/2020)
  • Fitforbeach.com ranked first in the crosstrainer Review Sportstech CX608. (As of 01/2020)
  • Amazon customers rated the Sportstech CX608 crosstrainer with 4.1 out of 5 stars. (As of 01/2020)

Sportstech CX608 Crosstrainer review: Price & Availability

The Crosstrainer Sportstech CX608 is available online at Amazon UK for £329.00 

Buy from Amazon UK for £329.00
Pulse belt compatible elliptical trainer with tablet-mount ergometer, 12 kg flywheel, exercise bike with 3-part crank system

Pulse belt compatible elliptical trainer with tablet-mount ergometer, 12 kg flywheel, exercise bike with 3-part crank system

The cheapest exercise bike: Hansson. Sports EnjoyFit crosstrainer F330

Security experts warn against buying over-the-counter cross-overs from over-priced models, as they are often poorly made or, for example, have no firm hold. Sports’s EnjoyFit F330, however, is characterized by a sturdier design and a safer stand. Buyers have to make allowances for equipment and functionality: with just 10 kg of flywheel and only 8 resistance levels, this crosstrainer is the weakest model in our comparison. The price of just under 200 euros, however, could convince beginners who do not take the crosstraining too seriously at health home.

Crosstrainer Hansson.Sports EnjoyFit F330 is cheap, but still stable


Sports EnjoyFit in the Review Overview 2020 – Important Tests

  • Amazon customers rated the cross trainer with 4 out of 5 stars. 

Sports EnjoyFit cross trainer Review: Price & Availability

In online trading, the cross trainer Sports EnjoyFit is available at Amazon Germany for 179.80 euros

High-quality design, stable construction, safe stand with floor-protecting support surfaces

High-quality design, stable construction, safe stand with floor-protecting support surfaces

Buy from Amazon Germany

Exercise bikes over 500 euros: best models in comparison

High-quality and equipped with extras such as app connection, but also more expensive to buy, our crosstrainer are over 500 euros:

Purchase recommendation exercise bike over 500 euros: Foldable crosstrainer MAXXUS CX 3.0 with app connection

The outstanding feature of the MAXXUS CX 3.0 crosstrainer is the “ETF-Fold-System”, which allows the device to fold up and reduce it from 1.85 meters to 1.21 meters. Otherwise, the exercise bike is characterized by an impressive swing mass of 26 kilograms, which allow a harmonious ride and joint-gentle training.

The highest price in cross trainer comparison with almost 890 euros in the online trade is justified by a stable and durable steel frame construction and high-quality ball bearings. With ten training profiles, four heart rate programs, a watt constant and a manual program, as well as 24 resistance levels, users can tailor crosstraining to their individual exercise needs. Not only solid but also smart is the MAXXUS CX 3.0 crosstrainer: the cockpit can be connected to the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and is compatible with the free fitness app iconsole +.

MAXXUS CX 6.1 is our best crosstrainer over 500 Euro in comparison

MAXXUS CX 3.0 is our best crosstrainer over 500 Euro in comparison

Crosstrainer MAXXUS CX 3.0 Review  2020 – important tests

  • Amazon customers rated the MAXXUS CX 3.0 crosstrainer 3.8 out of 5 stars. 

Crosstrainer MAXXUS CX 3.0 in the Review overview: price and best offers

The crosstrainer MAXXUS CX 3.0 is available in online on

Amazon Germany with price for 849 euros  


Powerless alternative: Sportstech CX2 crosstrainer with app and self-current generator

The crosstrainer Sportstech CX2 has a useful app connection, but also features other features: 24 resistance levels and 12 pre-installed training programs for cardio, watt and HRC training brings the device. The heart rate can be monitored both with the pulse measuring sensors on the grab handles and via the included chest strap.

In addition to a tablet holder for users who want to read news or watch videos alongside, Sportstech CX2 has two special features: The self-generator system supplies the crosstrainer with self-generated power during the training session, so that a mains connection is not necessary. In addition, the integrated computer can be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet. Then not only training sessions can be recorded, but also a connection to Google Street View is possible, so that on the exercise bike a real route can be expired – a varied feature for crosstraining.

Crosstrainer Sportstech CX2 provides itself with electricity during operation

Crosstrainer Sportstech CX2 provides itself with electricity during operation

Sportstech CX2 crosstrainer  Review overview  – important tests

  • The editors of fitzuhause.net have named Sportstech CX2 Review winner in the field of midrange devices. They justify this with the very good resistance of the device. The driving experience is the best among the tested Crosstrainers, judged the testers. In addition, the computer display the most important values, while the display is clearly structured. Also, the material used is good and stable. Only the size is listed as a disadvantage. 
  • The tester from muckijunge.com describes the Sportstech CX2 as a reliable training device. The functions are very extensive and offer for almost every athlete enough variety. Also worth mentioning is the included chest strap, which can measure the exact heart rate. As a negative aspect of the tester, the complex assembly is listed, which takes a lot of time. 
  • Amazon customers rated the Sportstech CX2 crosstrainer with 4.4 out of 5 stars. 

Sportstech CX2 Crosstrainer review: price and best offers

The EIA of the manufacturer for the Sportstech CX2 elliptical cross trainer is £719, the device is commercially available but already about £300  cheaper.Training results and information on the app always in view, Intelligent console with tablet holder.

Training results and information on the app always in view, Intelligent console with tablet holder.

Buy from Amazon UK

The best crosstrainer in the Review comparison 2020: Technical details

  Sportstech CX608 Sports EnjoyFit F330 MAXXUS CX 3.0 Sportstech CX2
Dimensions 121 x 55 x 160 cm 120 x 50 x 160 cm 195 x 67 x 168 cm 142 cm × 62 cm × 171 cm
Weight 33 kg 32 kg 91 kg 55 kg
Max. User weight 120 kg 150 kg 160 kg 120 kg
Inertia 12 kg 10 kg 29 kg 27 kg
resistance levels 32 8th 24 24
training programs 12 K. A. 14+ 12
Bluetooth / app both No both app
pulse integrated hand pulse sensors, compatible with pulse belt integrated hand pulse sensors K. A. integrated ergometer
price 359 euros 179.80 euros £849  £719

Which fitness equipment and exercise bikes are available for training at health home?

Who does not want to complete a subscription in the gym or generally do not want to leave the house for training, has since the eighties a variety of health home trainers to choose from, which allows jogging, cycling and climbing stairs on the spot and in the living room or hobby cellar:

stepper: In contrast to the crosstrainer, steppers often work without any handles – the reason is the type of movement of the device. While the crosstrainer is more likely to move forward, the stepping (“step” is English for “step”) is about the height difference the trainer does. Accordingly, the stressed muscle parts are limited in the stepper: Here you mainly trained thigh and butt.
Bicycle ergometer: Bicycle ergometers are actually indoor bikes that allow you to cycle comfortably in your own health home on the spot. Many place the device in front of the TV and combine the football transmission with a bit of movement after work. The bicycle ergometer is also suitable for rehabilitation purposes because it gently brings less resilient back to fitness. As with regular cycling, it is mainly the leg muscles that are trained here.
treadmill: Treadmills are most likely to be associated with large gyms where rows of exercisers run side by side into the void. Similar to the bicycle ergometer, a treadmill allows activity – in this case running, walking, jogging or comfortable walking – at health home and regardless of weather conditions.
Elliptical Trainer / Crosstrainer: The elliptical trainer is a subspecies of the elliptical trainer; Both devices train several muscle groups at the same time, because in contrast to the previous fitness equipment, the entire body is moved. For fat burning and weight loss, but also for the holistic increase in fitness crosstrainer is best.

Difference cross trainer, elliptical trainer and stepper

Elliptical trainers and elliptical trainers are often understood synonymously, but in fact the elliptical trainer is a subcategory of the cross trainer. The difference is evident in the structure: the crosstrainer has the flywheel at the back, the elliptical trainer at the front. Accordingly, training with the elliptical trainer is gentler on the knees and is particularly suitable for high-risk patients in this part of the body or for rehab after knee surgery.

Crosstrainers or elliptical trainers differ from the stepper in the sequence of movements during training: The crosstrainer is trained in a forward movement as in jogging, the stepper requires a movement in the height as when climbing stairs.

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