What is #1 ?The best European supplements for anti aging 

What is #1 ?The best European supplements for anti aging 

How do we deal with our internal enemies? Because there are thugs in us who wear us out or even demolish us.How the best European supplements could anti aging?

Free radicals are part of the gang, but there is still a solution: a plant-rich diet will protect us from oxidative stress. One of the best ways to boost your immunity is to shop for antioxidants.

What are antioxidants actually?

It is an impeccable blend of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that protect and repair damage caused by free radicals. This villainous damage indeed plays a dangerous role in many chronic diseases by attacking our immune system.

“Oxidation is a natural process that occurs simply through the normal functioning of cells. While the body metabolizes oxygen very efficiently, 1 to 2% of the cells will be altered and transformed into free radicals,” underlines Jeffrey Blumberg, professor of nutrition at Tufts University in Boston.

So, initially, normal cell function produces a small percentage of free radicals that are managed, no problem, by the antioxidants that the body naturally produces. But increasingly intrusive pollution, external toxins, smoke, pesticides, polluted water, alcohol and other xenobiotics are generators of free radicals. All these external attacks overwhelm our defense system. “If the free radicals just killed one cell, it wouldn’t be so bad, the body could just regenerate another one. The problem is that free radicals often affect the cell, damaging the DNA, which creates the seeds of disease. And when DNA changes, cells mutate…

So the creeping pollution, in constant increase, gives rise to an antioxidant demand in constant increase too.

What about protection then?

Our big shields are called flavonoids – the most important – polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. Consume them with pleasure, they are the ones who do the job!

So, defend yourself with a deluge of the three major antioxidant vitamins: beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. They are found in the most colorful fruits and vegetables and to get a real purifying benefit, they are eaten raw. or undercooked. And you just have to overdrive your vegetal palette to pamper yourself with a complex and remarkable blend of antioxidants.

The top of the plant world?

It’s true, we only lent to the richest: blueberries with Goji berries were the health fruits par excellence and cabbage and red beans, their challengers. Exotic fruits – noni, magosteen, pomegranate, amla, Indian gooseberries – had their health claims indexed to the price of gold.

But since then, studies have opened other ranges and now, general revision. Who is on the podium? Guess….It’s cloves followed closely by oregano. That said, a serving of cloves – about 30g – borders on the indomitable and a serving of oregano, even on pizza, will delight the taste buds. So ? So, along come other superfoods…

All of the botanicals listed were measured for their antioxidant concentration as well as their antioxidant capacity per serving. But the antioxidant capacity of a food also depends on how its health benefits are absorbed and used…

Thus, the richest foods come from the kingdom of plants, thanks to the thousands of active antioxidants while meat, fish, in short what comes from the animal world are poor in antioxidants.

On average, plants have 64% more antioxidants than animal foods and new ones are identified every day. You should know that each type of food works in different body tissues, different cells, so prepare yourself jubilant menus stuffed with a wide range of plants. This will be the best way to cover all your bases…

Before filling the caddy

Learn the list of superfoods by heart or copy it, or tattoo it…

In the fruit galaxy

Do not hesitate to choose yellow kiwis: they have three times more antioxidants than green ones.

Berries ? It should be consumed every day and even frozen. And it’s the blackberries that are the richest. If the Red Delicious gets a good score, it’s the wild apples that win the pompom. And among oilseeds, the least interesting – sorry pesto lovers – are pine nuts. The three best are, in order, pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts.

In the land of vegetables

The red onion ranks well above its white and yellow counterparts. And in the red series too, it is the red oak leaf salad that is the richest. As for the mushrooms, it is the porcini mushrooms that win the trophy, followed by the conventional button mushrooms.

In the kingdom of legumes, lentils are number 2 and black and kidney beans share 1 and 3 places. But among lentils, rich in protein, iron, zinc and folate, coral lentils are the queens.

Red rice, compared to brown rice contains ten times more antioxidant than him Its phytonutrients protect against heart disease but also asthma and hay fever.

A little bit of softness

Some sweeteners aren’t just empty calories. They have nutritional properties: it is molasses and above all, date sugar. Dried dates, reduced to powder, contain fibers directly from the fruit. In chocolate, there is a plethora of flavonoids but the best way to absorb them is to choose cocoa powder.

In the realm of tea, green seems to be the best antioxidant: that from mature leaves (green tea) and that from young leaves called white tea. Add lemon juice to your cup and you will boost your antioxidant intake.

Alive By Science

best European anti aging supplements best European supplements

ALIVE BY SCIENCE – Bioavailable NAD+ Boosters restore NAD+ to supercharge your cells and rejuvenate your entire body. As the market leader and largest maker of NAD+ products, ALIVE BY SCIENCE collaborates with a wide range of research and clinical doctors to grasp the most recent research and mix it with input from tens of thousands of users on their forum and Facebook group.

The best European supplements for anti aging

Dr.Schär, European leader in gluten-free food products

Since 1981, Dr.Schär, European leader in gluten-free food product manufacturers, has displayed its commitment to people living with one of the three forms of related pathologies gluten. This nutrition-health pioneer has been offering a wide range of gluten-free gourmet products since 1981, as well as a community of patients and a scientific committee.

In order to maintain the scientific advance acquired, Dr. Schär created in 2009 anot committeestar scientist composedstar experts internationalx : ofs gastroenterologists, ofpediatricianandyou ofexpertandnot nutrition. The idea is to address all aspects of celiac disease in transversality and to strengthen exchanges to reduce the number of undiagnosed cases of this pathology.

France is represented by Professor Bruno Bonaz, Gastroenterologist. He practices at the University Clinic of Hepato-Gastroenterology of the University Hospital of Grenoble and is Director of the Stress and Neuro-Digestive Interactions (SIND) team, team N°8 of the Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences (GIN) and by Professor Christophe Cellier , Head of the Hepato-gastro-enterology and Digestive Endoscopy Department at the European Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris.

andnot knowr + on Gluten and to register for the user club :


Cambridge Beauty Chocolate

Healthier skin in 3 weeks?

It is now possible with Esthechoc which contains powerful antioxidants: astaxanthin, anti-inflammatories (6000 times more effective than vitamin C) and cocoa polyphenols which significantly increase the biomarkers allowing in particular the improvement of the microcirculation of oxygen in the blood. By taking 1 Esthechoc chocolate per day for 3 weeks your skin will be much more beautiful.esthechoc-web


A deglycating effect in cream, yes it is possible!

A deglycating effect in cream, yes it is possible!
Glycation is this slow and permanent process which leads to the “caramelization” of proteins and in particular of collagen and elastin. Directly involved in the signs of skin aging (loss of elasticity, pigmentary disorders, healing disorders, etc.), glycation can be controlled by using Nacriderm AGE BREAKER, a food supplement and mynow cream.

With AGE BREAKER from Nacriderm, you can take control of your skin aging.

Nacriderm AGE BREAKER cream 40ml,
Firmness, radiance
Based on rosmarinic acid
Patented innovation
Available on http://www.nacriderm.com

Nacriderm Global Anti Aging Program

best European supplements

best European supplements

Glycation is the slow and permanent process which leads to the “caramelization” of proteins and in particular of collagen and elastin. Directly involved in the signs of skin aging (loss of elasticity, pigmentary disorders, healing disorders, etc.), glycation can be controlled by using nacriderm AGE BREAKER, cream and capsules.

With AGE BREAKER by nacriderm, you take control of your skin aging: Deglycant, Firmness, radiance, Patented innovation

Available on nacriderm.com

Ménophytea Désir: The revolution of desire for women aged 45+

best European supplements

Here are some numbers: 52 percent of postmenopausal women admit to having low libido and complain about a lack of desire, 60 percent of men notice this reduction in desire, and 80 percent of postmenopausal women believe that having a good sex life affects their well-being.
The Ménophytea range, which specializes in menopause, has thus created a novel formula free of hormones or phyto-hormones for women who are experiencing a decline in sexual desire: Ménophytea Désir is a dietary supplement that boosts sexual desire by using maca, a well-known aphrodisiac herb.
Box of 30 capsules at the price of 15€


Nacriderm AGE BREAKER: anti-aging revolution

best European supplements

“Luminous complexion, less marked skin, reduced spots” are the most frequent comments from dermatologists and anti-aging specialists after using AGE BREAKER capsules.

The clinical study (average age 58 years) shows skin elasticity improved by 16.8% in one month, ie around ten years of gained elasticity.

Patented innovation:
Nacriderm is the first laboratory to succeed in reversing glycation, one of the major causes of aging which results from the attachment of sugars to proteins.

Nacriderm AGE BREAKER, 1st deglycating anti-aging dietary supplement.
Box of 60 capsules (1 month), on sale on http://www.nacriderm.com

BIOCYTE -I Anti Aging Microlift night 45+

best European supplements

This dietary supplement based on organic silica, L-Cysteine, arginine, SOD, hyaluronic acid, zinc, and Gaba can slow down aging in depth and provide you with a good antioxidant activity if you wish to repair your skin from the inside with night action.


Skin firmness and post-menopause.

This product has been specially formulated to target skin subject to the effects of menopause.

Its formula rebuilds collagen and elastin from the inside to improve the texture, tone and firmness of the skin and outside on the face, but also in areas such as the hands and décolleté. Its unique formula gives it scientifically proven effectiveness and gives visible results after 12 weeks of daily use. An effective formula!

Box of 120 capsules equivalent to one month of treatment. Recommended price 80€
More informations ? http://www.imedeen.fr/


best European supplements

Detox and drainage of the body

Find well-being and lightness thanks to the recognized detox effect of desmodium. Ideal after the excesses of winter and end-of-year celebrations, this Fleurance Nature food supplement combines desmodium leaves and black radish root in the same formula. Desmodium leaves have a recognized action on the proper functioning of the liver and the drainage of the body.

The black radish selected by Fleurance Nature, and which has the same indications as desmodium, is grown in the North of France.
Box of 60 tablets: recommended price €12.90


best European supplements

Complete formula based on 12 plant extracts which promote the drainage and detoxification of the 5 emunctories (liver, kidneys, bladder, digestive tract, skin) which are the body’s true “garbage collectors”.

Birch detoxifies the body, chicory, black radish, rosemary support the liver, fennel promotes intestinal well-being, dandelion helps support urinary elimination and burdock acts on the quality of the skin by making it sharper. Prune and grape juice complete the formula without added sugar and aroma.
Box of 20 bulbs: recommended price €14.80


best European supplements

Combination of probiotics and plant extracts

Thanks to its unique formula of probiotics, fibers and a vegetable complex based on plants, fruits and spices, Detox 7 days promotes drainage and elimination and prepares for a slimming diet and helps balance the intestinal flora. This product can also be used after food excesses to get rid of the surplus, but also as a cure to cleanse the digestive tract and repair the intestinal flora necessary to maintain good natural defences.
7 bottles of 10ml: recommended price €16


best European supplements

Take care of your natural defenses

Expert in natural solutions Naturactive combines 4 components for 4 beneficial actions on natural defenses and fatigue, contributing to the proper functioning of the body. Its unique formula combines for the first time the power of a plant: elderberry, with the potential of the lactobacillus rhamnosus strain (lactic ferments) + 11 vitamins and 3 minerals. This cocktail will help you support your body in the event of declared winter ailments.
Box of 28 capsules: recorded price €9.90


best European supplements

Strengthening and stimulating energy complex!

Based on ginseng (considered a tonic that helps reduce the feeling of fatigue), royal jelly (treasure of nature resulting from a perfect alchemy between the plant and animal world), Propolis (known as a natural shield of the hive) and Acerola (shrub which produces an edible fruit called “little West Indian cherry”), this complex gives a good boost in the morning and the energy felt is maintained throughout the day.
Box of 20 bulbs: recommended price €15


best European supplements

Reviving your weakened cells.

Touted as an injection-free, oral cell therapy produced using the Swiss technique of cold DNA extraction, the treatment is buzzing with celebrities. It aims to prevent, repair and rehabilitate the tissues of your organs.

Its principle: revive dormant cells using peptides and stimulate the regeneration of aging cells.

Composed of BIO DNA cellular marine complex, collagen E peptide and Hydro MN peptide, it could also lengthen your telomeres.


best European supplements

A mental and physical pick-me-up!

This 4-week program gives you with a dietary supplement of 9 vitamins to raise your physical vitality and 3 minerals to help your mental attention, thanks to its revolutionary galenic. BeroccaNGO, the newest member of the Berocca family, combines a full recipe with a convenient, on-the-go packaging. 1 tablet every day in 2 aromas.

ARKOPHARMA: Organic Arkofluids

best European supplements

The 1st Triple Action Detox Program!

In 10 days, complete 3 steps: Hepatic detoxifier to detoxify and prepare the liver (milk thistle, chrysanthemum, rosemary and desmodium; Kidney cleanser to promote drainage and stimulate kidney cleansing functions (black elderberry, dandelion, lemon juice and radish black); Skin detoxifier to detoxify and purify the skin (burdock and wild pansy).

The ARKOFLUIDES® Range offers combinations of plants from Organic Farming, without sweeteners, preservatives and alcohol.

nu3 Pure Organic Baobab Powder

best European supplements

A super food for your smoothies!

Baobab is considered a superfood since it is particularly rich in nutrients. There are antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, and many B vitamins (especially thiamin) as well as minerals (calcium, potassium and magnesium, among others). This Pure Baobab Powder will do wonders for your smoothies: peel the banana and cut it into pieces. Pass it briefly in the blender with the dates, the almond cream and the almond milk. Add the maca, baobab and matcha powders and mix well.

nu3 products are marketed on the site nu3.fr


best European supplements


A pioneer in the use of antioxidants in the treatment of skin aging, Laboratoire Eneomey has reinvented its antioxidant anti-aging emulsion: Daylight C20. Dosed with 20% vitamin C, it has a powerful antioxidant complex that neutralizes free radicals, boosts skin radiance and protects it from pollution and oxidative stress. Wrinkles and spots are reduced and the complexion is radiant after 15 days of use!

With the aim of combining sensoriality, comfort and efficiency, Daylight C20 is formulated without allergens and has a revisited olfactory identity with soft floral and fruity tones.

Available in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Proven results on eneomey.com – – info@eneomey.com

Advised sale price : 49


best European supplements

The first microencapsulated nutraceutical range

BIOCYTE’s LONGEVITY range was born from nature and science specialized in micro-encapsulation. The latter consists in imprisoning the active ingredient in organic spheres which provide excellent bioavailability and are fine assimilated by the intestine. The active nutrient thus passes easily to the heart of the cells.

The range includes 9 products including Curcumin X185, an excellent anti-inflammatory, Neuromag to reduce fatigue, Cr Chrome to control blood sugar, PH Basic for your acid-base balance or Omega 3 Krill for the joints. Effective solutions very design and technological as we like them!

More information on www.biocyte.com


best European supplements

The herbal medicine of the future

Glass ampoules and powder capsules may disappear in favor of this solution in the form of airless pump. This pump, thanks to its very simple can accompany you everywhere and provide you with your optimal daily dose while having a maximum asset retention. In the range you will find Detox, Acerola, Vitamin D3, Grapefruit Seeds, Echinacea, Cranberry, Vitamin K2, Turmeric, Red Vine, Artichoke, Pomegranate or Black Radish. Enough to cover most of your needs.

Learn more: www.erbalab.com

Longelya, Esthelya

best European supplements

Powerfully antiglycating and antioxidant.

This dietary supplement helps fight protein glycation, aging, type 2 diabetes and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

It mainly uses Berberis aristata dry extract and carcinine. AT complete with other products in the range such as Oxylya, an excellent antioxidant, Dermolya for skin firmness, Capilya for hair and nail regrowth, or Cicalya to access the drainage of oedemas.

A very nice range made in France.

Longelia: 60g pill boxstarlules at the price of 49

Website : esthelya.com

Laboratoire Biocyte, the reference in nutricosmetic care

best European supplements

The BIOCYTE laboratory, which has been on the French market for over 12 years, is renowned for the efficacy of its nutricosmetics, slimming, and longevity formulae.

For the most part, BIOCYTE’s inventory includes Made in France items. Their formulae are developed in conformity with the current French and European legislation. Each new product is subjected to physicochemical, microbiological, and nutritional tests to ensure its quality and safety.

BIOCYTE’s expertise stems from its ability to find novel active components and incorporate them into formulae with appropriate concentrations and processes that maximize the substances’ bioavailability. BIOCYTE has numerous clinical and satisfaction studies on the main active ingredients which guarantee the effectiveness of its products.

This is particularly the case for the Collagen Express sticks. Based on 5g of high quality marine collagen per stick, Biocyte Collagen Express reactivates the production of our endogenous collagen for a visible anti-aging action. Its effectiveness is clinically proven:

Results obtained in 28 days.

Collagen Express thus improves the plasticity of the skin: it is firmer, redensified and plumped up.

Age Breaker Metabolism, take control of your aging

best European supplements

Control your weight to control your aging

Weight gain is directly linked to biological aging. In question a bad metabolism, real activator of cellular aging. The first warning signal is abdominal overweight. A waist circumference greater than 80 cm for a woman or 94 cm for a man is a definite risk factor for accelerated aging.

By fighting against glycation, a major cause of metabolic imbalance. AGE BREAKER METABOLISM, the first deglycating dietary supplement, improves cardiometabolic parameters and promotes a return to a healthy weight.

With AGE BREAKER METABOLISM, you take control of your aging. New AGE BREAKER METABOLISM, 60 capsules, deglycant, promotes the metabolism of macro nutrients. First results from 1 month. Patented innovation.


Collagen Express UV Repair AND Multivit Liposomal BIOCYTE

best European supplements

Your youth capital preserved

If you want to notify the appearance of brown spots, reduce your wrinkles and increase your resistance to sun exposure, these 10 sticks to be taken once a day are for you. And if you want to regain your energy and boost your physical performance and mental, then you will opt for these 2 capsules of daily food supplements. Unless you choose these 2 products from the Skin and Longevity range to simply feel in great shape.

10 sticks at the recommended price of 28€ and 28€ for 60 capsules.

information biocyte.com


best European supplements

Wrinkles, memory loss, same fight.AGE BREAKER attacks brain aging.The skin and the nervous system have a common embryonic origin. Recent studies show that the brain and the skin also share the same aging mechanism: glycation, which results from the attachment of sugars to proteins. Thus, functions of the dermis and cognitive performance (memory, concentration, reasoning, etc.) decline simultaneously with age, from the age of 40, then progressively more rapidly.

By fighting against glycation, a major cause of cognitive decline, AGE BREAKER COGNITION, the 1st deglycating dietary supplement, improves cognitive functions and protects brain health.


  • Deglycant.
  • Cognitive functions, brain health.
  • First results from 1 month.
  • Patented innovation.

information www.agebreaker.fr

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