The 15 best electric bikes for your wellbeing & fun

The 15 best electric bikes for your wellbeing & fun

Difficult to find the best electric bikes? The market is constantly expanding and this results in a plethoric supply. To help you find your way around, we have tested and selected the best electric bikes of the moment.

With these increasingly popular machines, no more sluggish climbs, sweaty arrivals at the office or efforts in the wind. There are a host of models today, including mountain bikes and racing bikes, at prices ranging from 800 to several thousand dollars. The battery life is more than enough for urban travel.



What is an electric bike?

An electric bike or e-bike is a traditional bicycle, but this one has a rechargeable battery and a motor to help you move around and reduce your effort when pedaling.

An electric bike, there is one for all cycling enthusiasts. Whether for a walk in the streets, a walk in the mountains, or to go to work, there is a multitude of models. This is why our website has listed the best electric bikes on the market for you. During your navigation, you will find all kinds of categories to give you as much information as possible and guide you in your purchase.

This is why we have made a selection of the best electric bikes on the market. You will find our opinions, our ratings and a few words on the various VAE selected. Do not hesitate to browse our site to read our various opinions and tests. With All This, you will have all the necessary information to make the best choice according to your needs.

The best electric bikes



Electric Touring Cruiser Bike with 500 Watt Rear Hub Drive Motor and Ergonomic Frame for Maximum Comfort and Riding Ease

A stylish electric bike that’s ideal for riders who want to travel on two wheels but don’t want to put too much strain on their bodies. Go beyond your longest ridden distances, up those intimidating hills, and into high gusts without putting your joints and muscles under a lot of stress. The electric motor gives you peace of mind, knowing that if your body becomes tired, you’ll have a backup power source to help you. The electric motor’s smooth and straightforward operation decreases the amount of bodily effort necessary to propel your two wheels. You choose the intensity of your workout, leaving your body as tired as you want it to be.

  • A 500-watt motor that may be used in either pedal aid or full electric mode.
  • With full electric, the top speed is 20 mph, and with pedal help, the top speed is 28 mph.
  • With a 500 Watt Hour battery, you can go 20 miles on full electric and 20 to 40 miles on pedal assist mode.
  • Excellent roll and a cushioned, stable ride are provided by 26-inch wheels with 2-inch semi-slick tires.
  • Hand brakes on the front and rear discs provide for quick and easy stopping.
  • The ultra-comfortable ergonomic frame design maintains you in a calm, upright riding position, reducing back, hip, shoulder, and knee discomfort.
  • Fits riders between the heights of 5 and 6 feet, 4 inches.

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Blix Packa Genie – The Best Electric Bike for family time

The best electric bikes The best electric bike

The Packa Genie is designed with a unique combination of performance, small usefulness, and style to handle practically any situation for any rider, making it an ideal vehicle substitute. It comes with a dual battery option, dual USB connections, space for two child seats, and plenty of storage space, all for one of the most reasonable prices on the market. It is capable of loading large freight for utility or valuable cargo for family time.

The new Packa Genie has a more powerful motor for steeper hills and bigger loads, a larger battery for longer range, and updated hydraulic disc brakes for better stopping power no matter what the payload is.

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QuietKat Jeep – The Best Electric Bike For All-Terrain

The best electric bikes The best electric bike

The QuietKat Jeep is a full-suspension electric adventure bike driven by one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) mid-drive motors on the market, designed to tackle terrain far beyond the boundaries of your regular electric fat bike.

The Jeep e-bike from QuietKat lives up to Jeep’s reputation as a capable off-road vehicle. Backcountry roads and 4X4 tracks are the bike’s natural environment, and once you know there’s nothing they can throw at you that the Jeep won’t handle, you’ll want to spend more time exploring them.

With an SRAM 9-speed groupset and Tektro Dorado four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, the QuietKat Jeep borrows mountain bike specs. It also has a GT MRK inverted fork with 150mm of travel, which is a moto-style fork that you won’t see on many e-bikes but was the perfect choice for a beast like the Jeep.

The Jeep is genuinely a do-it-all, go-anywhere e-bike, with a 750W or 1,000W mid-drive engine helping to power the tremendously enjoyable 4.8″ CST RolyPoly tires. It accomplishes what many off-road e-bikes strive for. It was difficult not to be impressed by the QuietKat Jeep’s sheer capability, which earned it a spot on our best-of list.

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Blix Aveny Skyline –  The Best Electric Bike for commuting

The best electric bikes The best electric bike


The Aveny Skyline comes fully equipped with fenders, lights, and a rear rack with smart mounting points, making it ideal for city streets or your neighborhood bike path. It strikes a careful mix between classic design, powerful performance, and useful utility features.

The Aveny is a well-rounded, everyday electric bike that balances comfort, practicality, and performance while still having eye-catching excellent aesthetics. Its user-friendly design and practical features, such as an upright seating position for comfortable riding, make it a favorite for commuting, errands, and group activities.

The new Aveny Skyline combines comfort and style, with wider tires for a smoother ride and stylish colors to suit any rider.

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Blix Sol Eclipse – The Best Electric Bike for relax

The Sol is an electric cruiser bike with a comfortable seat, broad handlebars, and fat tires in a typical beach cruiser design. It delivers the finest relaxing riding experience when combined with a strong motor, making it ideal for the beach, park, or wherever the day takes you.

The new Sol Eclipse has larger, cushier tires for a better riding experience, a more powerful motor for a genuine get-up-and-go boost, and a new LED light for anytime riding. Now in brighter, more brilliant hues.

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Reach your Destination 500W – The Best Electric Bike for FAST & FUN

Fast is enjoyable. The Reach Your Destination is a quick and smooth hybrid bike designed for both comfort and performance. Navigate your way through crowded metropolitan streets, spice up your routine, or take different paths to new destinations. You’ll be an unstoppable blend of performance, practicality, and pleasure with a light-weight Aluminum frame and adaptive 7-speed gears.

  • Rear hub motor, 500W
  • Lithium Ion Rack Mounted Battery 48V/10.4Ah
  • Frame with a low top bar that is simple to mount
  • Hybrid tires built for a smooth, quick ride while maintaining the comfort of a cruiser.
  • Attachment points that can be customized by clicking on them.
  • Ideal for experienced city and commuting cyclists in urban and suburban settings.
  • Heavy off-road use is not recommended.

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Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus – Best Electric Bike For Utility

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus is a cross between a tiny cargo e-bike and a fast commuter, and it’s one of our favorites.

The Runner Plus has an unusual look that takes some getting used to, thanks to its moped-like seat, small wheels, built-in rear rack, and semi-ridiculous BMX handlebars. When you’re on a bike, however, it all makes sense. Despite its 74.3-pound weight, it moves quickly, and its quirky frame design is actually functional: Rad designed booko attachment options that link to the rear pannier-style rack or form a large tank-style box that sits between your legs.

A 750W rear hub motor and a 672Wh battery located beneath the seat provide plenty of power for moving passengers, stuff, or just getting around town swiftly. There’s also a twist throttle, and the Runner Plus has a bench seat connected to the rear rack, as well as foldable foot pegs, making it easy to bring a friend along.

Overall, we believe the RadRunner Plus is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a bike that can do a little bit of everything.

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Paven’Trail 500W  – The Best Electric Bike FOR ALL JOURNEYS

Ride further, take the bumpy shortcut, or follow the kids to their next hidden place on Pave n’ Trail to get away from the ordinary. Experienced riders can find inspiration in their everyday travels thanks to a comfort-first frame, gear system, and adjustable front suspension.

  • Step-through frame with easy installation
  • Tires have a hybrid design for speed and stability.
  • For simple mobility, there’s a rear rack.
  • Ideal for experienced riders searching for versatility and performance.
  • Heavy off-road use is not recommended.

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AroundtheBlock 250W –  The Best Electric Bike for campus

The best electric bikes The best electric bike

An basic E-Bike with an attractive frame style evocative of traditional cruiser cycles, created with simplicity as the objective. Disc brakes that are easy to stop, a smooth seven-speed derailleur, and a motor and batteries that are whisper quiet. With the integrated engine, battery, and hidden wiring, it won’t appear like you’re riding an E-Bike on the Around the Block. You’ll enjoy zooming about knowing that no one can tell you’re propelled by a hidden engine. If you want to boost your level of enjoyment, ride extra miles beyond your block, and get to your goal faster, this is the bike for you. Because your body will no longer have to struggle, all of those hills and that last stretch to the beach will be delightfully relaxing. Take your rides from mediocre to extraordinary.

  • A 500-watt motor that may be used in either pedal aid or full electric mode.
    With full electric, the top speed is 15 mph, and with pedal help, the top speed is 28 mph (Top Speed of 20mph with full electric and 28mph with pedal assist)
  • With a 500 Watt Hour battery, you can go 20 miles on full electric and 20 to 40 miles in pedal assist mode.
  • Excellent roll and a comfortable, steady ride are provided by 26-inch wheels with 2.125-inch tires.
  • Hand brakes on the front and rear discs provide for quick and easy stopping.
  • Riding in an upright, comfortable position relieves tension on your back, hips, shoulders, and knees.
  • Fits riders who are 5 to 6 feet tall.

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BodyEase 500W  – The Best Electric Bike  to give you total confidence

Body Ease was created to instill complete confidence in you. It’s a steady, comfortable, and simple to ride vehicle. Smooth, wobble-free rides are provided by the low step-through frame, adjustable suspension, and dual-spring seat. It’s a bike for any lady who wants to feel at ease regardless of where she’s going.

  • Frame with a very low step-through height
  • Hybrid tires are designed to provide a smooth and steady ride.
  • Seatpost suspension adds back and hip support, making it ideal for casual riders looking for a comfortable ride.
  • Heavy off-road use is not recommended.
  • Rear Hub Motor (500W)
  • Rack-Mounted 48V 10/4 Lithium-Ion Battery

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Rad Power Bikes RadMini 4 –The Best Electric Bike For Smaller Riders

The best electric bikes The best electric bike

The RadMini 4 is an example of how small things can have a tremendous impact.

The RadMini 4 may be small in size, but it packs a punch in terms of performance. The 750W motor and semi-slick tires make for a lot of fun, and you’ll find that they can be pretty zippy if you want them to be. The 48V 14Ah (672Wh) battery also has a long range.

The RadMini is a folding bike that packs up beautifully. It has a basic and easy-to-understand hinge that is strong enough to keep the bike stiff yet simple enough to fold and unfold without the use of a manual.

A Shimano Altus 7-speed transmission, Tektro Aries brakes, and an 80 mm springfork round out some of the other standout characteristics that we appreciate. The RadMini is one of our favorite e-bikes, and it’s a wonderful option if you’re looking for a decent, stable e-bike that won’t break the bank or take up too much space.

Why, therefore, does this bike win the award for best e-bike for smaller riders? The bike can suit riders ranging in height from 4’10” to 6’2″ thanks to the step-through and conventional frame options. That rider height adjustment, those components, plus the fair asking price made for a great match for any rider searching for a bike that fits their size.

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RideInThePark500W – The Best Electric Bike For the Park


The best electric bikes

Ride in the Park is graceful, classic, yet savage underlying it all. Whether you’re hurrying to an early morning appointment or just enjoying those late city nights, the easy step-through frame and gear system let you feel entirely at ease. The powerful 500W motor and 48V battery will take your riding to the next level.

  • Rear Wheel Hub Motor (500W)
  • Rear-Rack Mounted 48V/10.4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Step-through frame with easy installation
  • Seat with two single springs for added support
  • Style and functionality are both easily modifiable.
  • All skill levels are welcome to participate.
  • Heavy off-road use is not recommended.

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A/O Amelia 500W – The Best Electric Bike for women who prefer to be low-speed

This vintage electric touring cruiser 500 Watt bike was made to glide, and it’s perfect for women who want low-speed, sweat-free pleasure.

The low-sit frame and close-grip handlebars keep you sitting upright and relaxed, while the plush seat assures you never say ouch or ugh at the end of a ride. It’s cautious around slopes because it only has one gear, but it’ll coast down sandy seaside roads and glide through the suburbs.

Explore. Make your own mini adventures with it. Ride in awe and delight.

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A/O Maya 500W – The Best Electric Bike for comfort and performance 

The best electric bikes The best electric bike

The A/O Maya Electric Touring Hybrid Bike with 500 Watt Rear Hub Drive Motor is a comfortable and speedy hybrid bike. Navigate your way through crowded metropolitan streets, spice up your routine, or take different paths to new destinations. You’ll be an unstoppable blend of performance, practicality, and pleasure with a light-weight Aluminum frame and adaptive 7-speed gears.

The electric motor gives you peace of mind, knowing that if your body becomes tired, you’ll have a backup power source to help you. The electric motor’s smooth and straightforward operation decreases the amount of bodily effort necessary to propel your two wheels. You get to choose the intensity of your workout, leaving your body as tired as you want it to be when you’re done.

  • Step-through frame with easy installation
  • Hybrid tires built for a smooth, quick ride while maintaining the comfort of a cruiser.
  • Attachment points that can be customized by clicking on them.
  • Ideal for experienced city and commuting cyclists in urban and suburban settings.
  • A 500-watt motor that may be used in either pedal aid or full electric mode.
  • With full electric, the top speed is 20 mph, and with pedal help, the top speed is 28 mph.
  • With a 500 Watt Hour battery, you can go 20 miles on full electric and 20 to 40 miles on pedal assist mode.

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Vika+ Flex – The Best Electric Bike for anywhere, anytime  

The best electric bikes The best electric bike

When you combine high-performance electric assist technology with a practical folding design and smart mounting locations for maximum loading capacity, you get an ebike that can handle any journey. The Vika+ Flex is ideal for smart storage at home, work, on the bus, metro, train, RV, boat, and just about anyplace else.

The Vika+ is a versatile, compact electric bike with unrivaled stability and performance. It folds up easily for storage or travel, and comes with a carrying case for simple transport.

The new Vika+ Flex has larger, cushier tires for a more comfortable ride, as well as fresh colors for every rider.

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When you want to avoid driving, the electric bike, like the classic cycle, is a greener option. It is ideal for short to medium distance travel because it takes less pedaling effort. Your journeys are less taxing, and you may drive faster without breaking a sweat on the way to work.

For most models, the help can be modified according to the amount of work you choose to put in or simply turned off. This makes it a viable option for your athletic activities, particularly for those who are older or have a health concern.


What battery?

Lithium-ion took the place of lead and nickel metal hydride. Although its recycling causes major environmental issues, this material has made a name for itself in the realm of rechargeable batteries, notably for electric bicycles.

The capacity of electric bicycle batteries, measured in watt-hours, is what distinguishes them (Wh). The numbers are usually in the range of 300 to 600 Wh. Even if this rule is not flawless, the more the capacity, the greater the autonomy is likely to be.

You may also find, in addition to this overall figure, a value in ampere-hours (Ah) accompanied by another in volts (V). By multiplying them, we obtain the capacity in watt-hours. It is the one in amp-hours that gives an idea of ​​​​the autonomy: an 8 Ah battery will last less than one that displays 11 or 14 Ah. The second number in volts corresponds to the “tone” of the assistance, but most batteries today are 36 V.

Be careful though, regarding the autonomy, the number of watt-hours or ampere-hours is not to be taken literally: our test shows that a VAE can claim a battery of 576 Wh (and 16 Ah) and do not go beyond 45 km of autonomy.

Choose the capacity of your battery carefully, because if you change your mind a few months after purchase, buying a new one with a higher capacity will cost you dearly, at least 400 €. The question of replacing the original battery will arise after a few years of use (and hundreds of charge and discharge cycles), depending on the intensity of use, because aging inevitably leads to a loss of autonomy. Reconditioning the battery costs less than buying new equipment, but it is still a significant investment.

Good to know. The battery can be located at the front or rear of the seat tube, under the rack or in the frame. Just make sure that taking it off and putting it back on is quick and easy, because you’ll be repeating it often! For some of their ranges, brands have chosen non-removable batteries (such as VanMoof brand models): if you opt for this system, make sure you can recharge in good conditions.


The Electric bicycles are equipped with motors with a power of 250 W. The motor is located either in the crankset or in the rear wheel. The models with motor in the front wheel have almost disappeared from the sales circuits.

Models with a motor in the crankset are the most common today. This system provides, with some exceptions, so-called “proportional” assistance (see below) thanks to a force sensor: the assistance adapts to the effort provided. The more you press on the pedals, the more you are helped by the assistance. The motor in the crankset also has the advantage of balancing the bike by lowering the center of gravity. Steering is made easy.

Finally, the range of the bike is greater: since we have been testing pedelecs, we have found that for batteries of the same capacity, bikes with a motor in the crankset and a force sensor systematically have greater range than bikes with motor in the rear wheel. It makes sense: the latter provide assistance that is not dosed, but immediately given to its maximum, which puts a lot of strain on the battery. The motor in the crankset, however, is said to be more prone to failure, as cyclists don’t play much of their e-bike gears on their daily commute. However, restarting at traffic lights with significant development requires considerable effort from the engine, the chain and the sprockets, and can lead to their premature wear.

Models with a motor in the rear wheel generally provide “all or nothing” assistance (see below), i.e. given to its maximum from the start. The feeling is very pleasant, but the autonomy suffers. Another downside, the assistance starts with a slight lag, and can be surprising if you turn after stopping at a traffic light, or when resuming a bend. This type of engine can also interfere with the repair in the event of a puncture.

What kind of support?

Two concepts coexist.

The “all or nothing” assistance, generally coupled to a motor in the wheel, works thanks to a crankset with a simple pedaling sensor. It gives a real boost from the start, which many people appreciate. If it is poorly designed, it may give the impression of not being adapted to the terrain and driving may cause jerks.

The progressive assistance provided by the motor in the crankset requires a force sensor. It is provided on a per effort basis. The assistance is measured, which makes driving easy and comfortable. This type of assistance gives a driving sensation closer to the practice of a classic bicycle than “all or nothing” assistance.


Manufacturers are advancing very wide ranges. And for good reason: many parameters come into play:

  • the weight of the cyclist;
  • relief;
  • the wind ;
  • tire inflation;
  • carrying a child, etc.

If it is possible to rent the model before buying it, it is a good idea, as it can help to get an idea of ​​the actual mileage. According to our test results, all-or-nothing pedelecs offer less range than those with progressive assistance.

Over time, battery life inevitably wears off, but you can count on several hundred charge and discharge cycles with a brand name battery (Bosch, Yamaha, etc.). The cost of mains charging is in the order of a few cents.

The brakes

Electric bikes traveling up to 25 km/h and rarely weighing less than 25 kg, a good braking system is essential. Four types of brakes are currently fitted to pedelecs:

  • mechanical pads (V-Brake);
  • disc tuners;
  • skid hydraulics;
  • disc hydraulics.

Our tests carried out over the years on nearly 40 eBike models show that no system stands out from the others. Models equipped with V-Brakes are sometimes more effective in braking than those equipped with hydraulic brakes. The latter, which are much more expensive, however provide comfort of use to be taken into account. A simple pressure of the fingers is enough to activate the braking, when for the same result it is necessary to apply a significant force with a mechanical system with cables.

Be careful, however, hydraulic brakes involve more delicate maintenance: the circuit must be purged every year to remove air bubbles. If you opt for hydraulic disc brakes, expect to have to replace the linings once or twice a year, especially if you ride in urban areas where the brakes are under heavy stress. Hydraulic pad brakes will last longer.

The derailleur

Compared to cassette derailleurs, gear systems in the hub (typically, the Nexus from Shimano) have the advantage of requiring little maintenance, of not dirtying the bottom of the pants and above all, the chain never jumps! They also allow gear changes when stationary. Ideal for use in an urban environment, a derailleur in the hub is therefore ideal on an e-bike.

Be careful though, each gear change very briefly suspends the assistance. Uphill, it can surprise, and above all, give the impression that the momentum is cut off. But it’s more of a habit than a real inconvenience. Manufacturers have solved the problem by equipping their bikes with a variable speed drive, which allows continuous gear changes.

The display (or console)

Generally clipped to the handlebars, it displays various information such as the level of assistance, the level of battery charge and the speed, even the number of kilometers traveled. It often includes controls for the level of assistance, and sometimes even turning on the lights. Most manufacturers have chosen non-removable displays, which exposes them to damage if the bike is parked in the street.

The weight

It is not as important as one might think, since while driving, the assistance makes you forget it. However, if to park it you have to climb a few steps with your bike in hand, it may be worth taking this criterion into account. All classic VAEs weighing at least 24 kg, it may be appropriate to turn to a compact or folding electric bike.

With the kids

If the bike is intended to be equipped with the kids seat in the back, you will have to choose an open or gooseneck frame to facilitate the passage of the leg. Bikes with a bar in the middle pose too much risk of falling or injury to the child. Remember that for children under 12, the helmet is mandatory.

Frame and position on the bike

An electrically assisted bicycle being also and above all a bicycle, the usual selection criteria apply. The frame must be adapted to the size of the cyclist, according to the table below.

Rider size              Frame size
1.50-1.60m           42-47cm
1.60-1.70m           47-50cm
1.70-1.75m           50-53cm
1.75-1.80m           53-55cm
1.80-1.85m          55-58cm
1.85-1.90m          58-60cm
1.90-1.95m          60-63cm
More than 1.95 m More than 63 cm

If the bike is used in town, a straight position on the model of Dutch bikes is preferable to promote vigilance. An open frame will make it easier to stop and carry a child in the back. A few speeds will suffice to manage frequent stops at traffic lights.

Not too wide tires are recommended so as not to “stick” to the road, and if they are puncture-proof, that’s even better! Finally, a luggage rack will always be useful for hanging panniers or attaching a child seat.

To frequent the rolling paths, a VTC will be ideal. Its profile will be different from a city bike. It will take a bar in the middle or transverse for better stability, the position will be tilted, the tires, notched. To easily pass unevenness that is not too pronounced, a wider range of gears will be useful.


It is necessary to clearly determine what you intend to do with your electric bike, but also where you will go, because the bike that suits you totally depends on it. Your choice will also depend on your tastes.

Urban bikes, as their name implies, are built to be as efficient as possible when riding on paved roads. They have smaller tires and lighter frames to assist you reach maximum speed with the least amount of effort. This style of bike is more than suitable if you primarily ride around town and do not intend to explore off-road areas.

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, have a more sporty bent to them. They’re made to take on the most difficult and challenging terrain that nature has to offer. They have aggressive tires that provide excellent traction on practically any surface. They may be utilized for city travels as well as off-road adventures in the mountains, the woods, or on winding highways.

While the suspension is great for off-road riding as the name suggests, mountain bikes are heavier, harder to handle, and cost more. It is a versatile choice, especially in electric, but dispensable if you plan to spend most of your time on the roads. If in doubt, you can just as easily choose a hybrid or VTC (all-road bike) model like the Haibike Sduro Trekking 1.0, which is part of our selection.

How much cost the best electric bikes ?

Electric bikes range in price from $500 to $1000 at the entry level. Certain models’ value for money allows you to strike a decent balance while being dependable. In the middle, you’ll need to budget between $1000 and $2000. There are versions that are well-equipped and have a high level of reliability.

Prices in the high-end market can reach $5,000. These pedelecs are typically high-performance “speed bikes” or mountain bikes with top speeds of 45 km/h. The bicycle and its driver must follow special restrictions in this instance.


Electric-assisted bicycles have at least one motor powered by a rechargeable battery. When buying your bike, make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • The triggering of the electric assistance is necessarily linked to pedalling. It should shut off when you stop pedaling.
  • The maximum permitted motor power is 250 watts.
  • The speed must be limited to 25 km/h.
  • Motors must be electromagnetically compatible
  • The safety of the chargers must be ensured and the batteries must be recyclable.
  • Wearing a helmet is compulsory for children under 12, but it is recommended for teenagers and adults. At night or in case of insufficient visibility, wearing a retro-reflective vest is also compulsory for the driver of the bicycle and his passenger.

Unleashing your electric bike now carries a penalty of up to a year in prison and a $30,000 fine. When a bicycle’s speed surpasses 25 km/h, it is classified as a moped, and wearing a helmet, as well as registration and insurance, is required. They are not permitted to ride on bike trails.

The best electric bikes : what are the different styles?

City pedelec

Urban bikes with electric assistance, as its name suggests, are made for riding in town. Usually equipped with 250 watts of assistance, it can reach 25 km/h effortlessly. These models are generally made for the comfort of the user so that it is both efficient and effective.

In addition, these products are the only ones offered two variants of frames:

a classic (or diamond) frame
an open frame (low-step)
Moreover, to find out more about these city e-bikes, do not hesitate to read our complete guide to electric city bikes.

Electric mountain bike

Electric mountain bikes are ideal for navigating mountain terrain and off-roading. Many individuals, however, use this paradigm to navigate our streets.

A battery and an electric motor are included in the electronic assisted mountain bike. When you pedal, the help kicks in and ends when you reach a speed of 25 km/h.

The mountain bike is a type of electronic bicycle that can travel over a variety of terrains. It does, in fact, offer more grip thanks to its larger tires (measured in inches). An ATV’s tire size is usually between 27.5 and 29 inches. On the side of the wheel or tire, the inch size is frequently written.

Folding electric bike

Folding electric bikes are one of the most popular and popular categories because they are extremely portable. Most of these products have a folding point in the middle of the bike and on the handlebars. This makes it very easy to fold the bike and transport it.

In terms of size, this type of model is generally smaller than a classic electric bike. If you plan to put your e-bike in your trunk or take it on the train for example, having the power to fold it is a huge advantage. Moreover, to find out more about these foldable VAEs, do not hesitate to read our complete page on folding electric bikes.

Electric cargo bike

Cargo bikes are the e-bikes with the most cargo capacity. They are neither glamorous nor sporty, yet they are extremely practical. They’re known as the “minivans” of the bicycle world.

You can use this type of bike to transport your children, dogs, equipment, or simply to go shopping. However, because it is heavier, transporting it will be more challenging. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about this sort of VAE, see our page on electric cargo bikes.

Electric hybrid bike

Electric mountain bikes are the best solution if you want to buy a versatile bike. Whether you need to ride around town or on a steeper path, an electric hybrid bike will never disappoint you. In summary, this type of bike is a mix between an e-MTB and an electric road bike. It is a product that is easy to drive and suitable for everyone. Again, if you know more about this type of e-bike, we have a special guide on electric hybrid bikes.

Electric fat bike

Electric fatbikes are mountain bikes that have large tires that can go up to 28 inches. It is, in our opinion, one of the most fun and entertaining categories on the market. These Fat Bikes have huge tires that allow them to go on almost any surface.

Of course, you can use these fatbikes on the streets or on bike paths too. The strength of this product is that it absorbs bumps and potholes thanks to its large tires.

Other specialty e-bikes

Although they represent a minority of e-bikes, there are other fun styles out there.

Electric tandem bikes

This type of bike has two seats and two sets of pedals. It is a model that is perfect for cycling with friends or as a couple. This makes it possible to limit the effort and to share the effort between 2 people.

Electric tricycles

This type of electric bike is ideal for persons who have trouble with their balance or who do not want to get down on their knees to stop. You will have more balance with its two back wheels, but maneuverability will be compromised. This bike is suitable for those with disabilities.

You should also be aware that there are bicycles with two front wheels in the tricycle family. This improves stability, particularly in turns.


VAE must have a maximum power of 250 Watts, which corresponds to a top speed of 25 km/h. Provisions similar to French legislation.

To exceed this limit, as do for example speedbikes, it will be necessary to respect the rules of mopeds, namely registration, rear view mirror, insurance and appropriate protections. Above all, these machines are not allowed to ride on cycle paths, which logically limits their usefulness, especially in town.


Wearing a helmet is not compulsory for  cyclists. The only exception: children under 12, whether on their own bike or in a baby seat. Beyond the legal obligations, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet as soon as you are on an e-bike.

Beyond the helmet, immediately invest in a pair of gloves. The hands are indeed the first to rub on the asphalt and injuries of this type are both painful and slow to heal.

For visibility, a pair of front and rear lights are essential as soon as the sun goes down. We also recommend that you use brightly colored reflective clothing, whether it is a special cycling jacket or if you are financially limited, a simple yellow vest.


It is impossible to talk about the purchase of an electric bike without mentioning public aid. The latter make it possible to greatly soften the bill, with amounts reaching 500 euros in Île-de-France for example.

These premiums are however dependent on your place of residence. To find out exactly how much you are entitled to, do not hesitate to consult our article listing aid by region. We also advise you to check on the site of your municipality if an additional boost is not available, you could have a good surprise.

Do the best electric bikes have a size?

With the notable exception of folding bikes, e-bikes generally come in multiple sizes. To know which one to choose, the easiest way is logically to consult the manufacturer’s buying guide.

If in doubt, if you are at the limit of two sizes for example, we recommend that you take the smaller model. It is less annoying to raise your saddle a few centimeters higher than to find yourself with the frame in the crotch at each stop…

And in any case: try your future bike as much as possible before buying it. This is by far the best way to avoid unpleasant surprises.


If no training is mandatory, it is never a bad idea to revise the Highway Code a little, especially if you do not have your license.

If you are not used to riding in town either, it may be worth contacting your local cycling association. The latter very often offer resources, in the form of documents or a few hours of free training to teach you how to navigate in the city or carry out basic maintenance.


Because they do not generate poisonous chemicals that endanger both humans and the environment, the greatest electric bikes provide significant environmental benefits. A competent e-bike may be a viable substitute for a second car – and a lot more enjoyable to begin with. Who knows, it might even replace your primary vehicle in the future.

Select a design that meets your requirements. Consider the following factors: power, performance, comfort, and safety. Above all, don’t limit yourself to the lowest option if you want to be sure of receiving the maximum degree of happiness and outstanding quality that will last.

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