Apple Watch Series 4 for heart health

The Apple Watch Series 4 has been officially unveiled for smart health. At the heart of Apple’s brand concerns: the heart health of its users. The connected watch offers a new system of electrocardiogram, available primarily to US customers.

Two long-awaited ECG (electrocardiogram) functions and the detection of possible arrhythmias will emerge following the update of watchOS (version 5.1.2).

 A watch with electrocardiogram

The ECG application will perform an electrocardiogram. Once launched, simply hold your finger on the Digital Crown to complete the circuit of electrical signals that will cross the heart. After 30 seconds, the heart rate is classified (atrial fibrillation, sinus rhythm or inconclusive) and then all is recorded in the health application of the iPhone.

Apple wants to allow its customers to share this document with their doctor to, once again, ensure optimal monitoring of health. In this respect, the Watch Series 4 has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is the body responsible for granting marketing authorizations for drugs in the United States.

Also with this idea of ​​effective follow-up, the watch will send a notification as soon as it realizes that its heart rate is too low. The Watch Series 4 also warns the user if he has symptoms of atrial fibrillation – the most common heart rhythm disorder. Atrial fibrillation is one of the leading causes of stroke

Apple’s stated goal is to provide as rigorous tracking as possible. Thus, the interface has been revised to display even more information on the temperature, the UV index, the heart rate, calories burned … The bearer of the Apple Watch Series 4 can set the elements he wants to have quickly at your wrist, on the main screen.

Apple-Watch-Series-4 smart health 智慧健康设备智慧医疗苹果智能手表Beware of bad falls

The back of the object – the one that is glued to the wrist and made of a mix of black ceramic and sapphire crystal. This protective layer houses an S4 chip with a two-core 64-bit processor.

Apple also says it has built better accelerometer and gyroscope within the device multiplying their speed by eight. To accompany this optimization, the watch is able to detect when the user falls. The system is indeed able to detect the usual movements that a person performs with the arms when it falls.

In these cases, the Watch Series 4 will automatically offer to send an SOS to its contacts with a geolocation using the included GPS. If the person is unconscious or paralyzed by his / her fall, the device will detect that the person has remained motionless and, after 60 seconds, will automatically send an alert message.

Others  of Apple Watch Series 4

Apart from that, the haptic feedback of the lateral crown will be kept pell-mell for – probably – better immersion during navigation, compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0, water resistance up to 50 meters deep and a loudspeaker 50% more powerful to facilitate calls made with the watch. For the battery, it is necessary to be satisfied with a promise of a autonomy of a complete day, without more technical details for the moment.

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