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Apple Watch: with diamonds for up to 80,000 euros

Apple Watch: with diamonds for up to 80,000 euros


Apple’s smartwatch is said to cost several thousand euros in the apple watch luxury version. Compared to the planned models by the Swiss watch designer Yvan Arpa but these are just peanuts. The Apple Watch is said to be equipped with precious stones and gold plated up to 100,000 francs – that’s the equivalent of around 82,000 euros.

Of the Apple Watch luxury versions, designer Yvan Arpa, who specializes in high-end chronometers, will be launching several models, such as the watch website A blog to watch reported. How about a 150 gram gold plating and some 8 carats around the case? White gold would also be an option – logical, at prices between the equivalent of 8200 and 82,000 euros.

Picture: A blog to watch

Initial mockups show that the look of the intelligent watch in the Swiss luxury version is a matter of taste. But it should definitely cause a stir everywhere.

So far, there has been no official announcement of the high-priced Apple Watches. Yvan Arpa left his well-heeled customers A blog to watch already know that you can definitely do business in the future if you want to buy a smart health watch from Cupertino (“don’t worry, we can still do business together, even if you’ll want to wear an Apple Watch.” ).

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