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Apple’s smart ring lets you control other smart health devices

Apple's smart ring lets you control other devices

Will Apple smart ring become a reality? The world of smart rings could finally be about to take off. Apple has indeed obtained a second patent for its smart ring.

In October 2019, a patent that revealed that Apple was looking for “gesture-based control features.” And that seems to remain Apple’s intention according to new information. Obviously, this idea is not new. I want to prove this by products like the NFC Ring or Ringly.

Apple's smart ring lets you control other devices

Apple’s smart ring as a control tool?

Patent No. 10,627,902, spotted by Apple Insider, develops the idea of ​​a smart ring as a controller.  About “faster and more efficient methods and interfaces for controlling external electronic devices.”

And it’s clear that Apple is keen to try out new control elements. With the rapidly expanding size of iPhones and the fact that they are a problem, Apple is looking for new ways to keep us in control of our digital lives.

“(A ring gives the user) faster and more efficient methods and interfaces for controlling external electronic devices. “; Apple says in the patent. “Thus increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction of the users of these devices”.

Apple’s new smart ring patent doesn’t show much that we don’t already know. But it does contain details on how it might work.

A touch screen on the smart ring

Apple’s smart ring patent includes a touch screen. It would allow the user to control devices such as the iPhone, Macbook or Apple TV by moving a finger across the surface.

The patent also alludes to haptic feedback through the device. What the Apple Watch used when it launched in 2014. And voice input is also mentioned. Which would make the ring a natural place to live for Siri; again, another key part of the Apple Watch.

Finally, the touch screen is mentioned, which is amazing, because visual information can be sent back from Apple’s smart ring.

Apple wrote, “The device can also receive information from external devices in the form of messages or images on a touch screen, pulses or vibrations from haptic actuators, and sound.”

We know that Apple files many patents; and many will never see the light of day. And many ideas will come to life in other ways.

The Apple Watch is already a portable device with haptic feedback, Siri integration and a touch screen. So maybe the use cases to control other devices will come here first.

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