Analgesic cream to your pure well being and pure well being advantages

Analgesic cream-Chinese pure drugs

cream for bruises

Conventional therapeutic
makes use of

Essential indications : assist
therapeutic and relieve ache related to contusions, sprains , dislocations ,
muscle and tendon accidents, rheumatism , arthritis .



This analgesic cream is
use just for exterior .

Clear and dry the
affected space earlier than making use of the patch .

Reduce a chunk of the
form and measurement desired , take away the cellophane and apply on the affected half .

Preserve for as much as two

Frequency: one to 4
instances per day.



To alleviate ache ,
plasters have the identical actions and the identical components as oils and ointments.
Nevertheless, they’ve the benefit of spreading the lively components slowly ,
underneath the motion of the warmth of the pores and skin . Their therapeutic impact is thus
extra highly effective than that of oils and ointments .


There are two main
classes of exterior software towards musculoskeletal ache merchandise :
these whose principal therapeutic motion is to alleviate ache and people whose
principal therapeutic motion is to speed up the therapeutic course of. The
analgesic cream bruises combines these two facets and a big
proportion of the components it comprises are supposed to assist the therapeutic.



Contraindications for
youngsters lower than two years .There’s a hazard of pores and skin reactions , if an
exterior warmth supply , comparable to a heating pad , is added .

Don’t apply to mucous
membranes , eyes, wounds or irritated pores and skin.

Cease the applying in
case of irritation , itching or burning.

Preserve out of attain of

You’ll be able to click here to see some analgesic cream


Title Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical identify

Therapeutic actions

Bo He Bing

Mentholum ( menthol)

Power strikes and Blood, stops ache

Dong Qing Yu

Methyl salicylate

Power strikes and Blood, stops ache

Zhe Chong

Eupolyphaga seu steleophaga ( cockroach )

Breeze clusters blood, strengthens tendons and bones

Xue Jie

Sanguis Draconis (resin from the fruit of a palm selection )

Stops bleeding , regenerates tissue

Lengthy Gu

Fossilia ossis mastodi ( fossilized bone )

Promotes therapeutic of ulcers

Er Cha

Catechu (extract of leaves and younger shoots of acacia)

Stops ache, regenerates tissues , cease bleeding

Mo Yao

Resina myrrhae ( myrrh )

Assist blood circulation , regenerates tissue

Sui Gui Bu

Drynariae Rhizoma (rhizome of Drynaria fortunei )

Regenerates injured tissue

Hong Hua

Flos carthami ( safflower flower )

Energetic blood circulation , breaks clusters of blood

Da Huang

Rhizoma Rhei and Radix (rhizome and root of rhubarb )

Deal with burns , abscesses

Pu Gong Ying

Herba taraxaci ( dandelion )

Deal with abscesses, ulcers

Xu duan

radix dipsaci ( teasel root )

Promotes restore of bones and tendons

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