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How to choose an amazon air purifier? Buy better and cheaper

How to choose an amazon air purifier?  Buy better and cheaper

Do you want to live in a healthier environment and breathe better? Do you suffer from allergies, or do you just want to protect your family from bacteria? Don’t hesitate to invest in an amazon air purifier.

Purifiers clean the air all year round. They can be used both in winter and in summer. They effectively fight against volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from paint, glue and other products, as well as against formaldehydes.

A purifier allows you to drastically reduce your household’s exposure to carcinogens, allergens, viruses and bacteria. It is also a solution to improve the daily life of people with asthma.

Air purifiers can be used for personal purposes, but you can also equip your company to offer better working conditions and boost the motivation of your teams.


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The filtration method

Given the variety of models and technologies, the first point to determine is what type of filter you want to opt for. Here are the main types of filters and the purposes they allow you to accomplish:

  • Prefilter : the pre-filter, present on all purifiers, prevents dust from infiltrating the purifier, in order to guarantee the efficiency of the other filters.
  • Catalytic filter: this type of filter effectively rids the air of both pollutants and bacteriological organisms.
  • Activated carbons: this type of filter protects you in particular from odors. It also captures VOCs. Ideal for cleaning up a smoking environment for example.
  • Combustion filter: this system removes pollens, fungi and bacteria by burning the air. User comfort is ensured by an immediate cooling system.
  • HPP filter: this filter cleans the air by capturing allergens and bacteria through the action of magnetic fields. The HEPA particulate filter now tends to be preferred.
  • Ionization filtration: this system effectively combats air pollution. If you choose this type of filter, make sure that the purifier in question does not emit ozone.
  • High Proficiency Particle Air Filter (HEPA): HEPA filters are recommended to fight against the spread of bacteria and preserve your health and that of those around you.
  • Photocatalysis: this system transforms pollutants into water and carbon dioxide, thanks to the action of ultraviolet rays.
  • Plasma filter: this filter allows the air to be purified outside the machine, by exciting the oxygen to promote the oxidation of pollutants. Rather intended for professionals and companies.



Filtration efficiency

When is a purifier considered effective? It’s simple: it must be able to purify the air in a room at least three times in an hour. It is therefore necessary to take into account both the air volume of the room and the treatment capacity per hour of the purifier in m3.


Noise nuisance

The turbines of your air purifier will be permanently active. So choose a quiet product with a sound level of less than 50 decibels. If you are installing your product in rooms where you need quiet, aim for even quieter, below 20 decibels.

This is even more true if you buy a purifier to equip professional premises: a product that is too noisy distracts and hinders work. The sound volume is one of the technical characteristics indicated by the manufacturers.


Maintenance constraints

An air purifier requires regular maintenance. One of your tasks will be to replace or wash the filters. The exact procedures can be found in the machine operator’s manuals.

Choose models that are easy to maintain and whose filters have a good lifespan. Manufacturers usually indicate this. It is better to invest a little more in a durable product than to buy an air purifier whose filters you will have to change too often.


Running costs

To calculate the running costs of an air purifier, again all you need to do is refer to the information provided by the manufacturer: what is the price of a filter, and how often should you change it? This allows you to easily estimate the cost of running the purifier over a period of time.

In the vast majority of cases, a purifier will only be compatible with filters of the same brand. So remember to check that this brand is considered reliable before making your purchase.


Energy consumption

The more powerful your purifier, the more electricity it will consume. Depending on the filter and the power levels offered by the purifier, it will consume between ten to one hundred watts. It’s up to you to find the right compromise between power and energy consumption.


The place of installation

You need to know where you plan to install your purifier. Pay particular attention to the area of ​​the room: some purifiers are suitable for me in smaller or larger rooms. Check if the manufacturer has indicated an optimal surface area in the technical data sheet of their product.



Make sure that all the parts making up the air purifier are well guaranteed. If possible, choose products guaranteed for three years or more. A long warranty is usually the guarantee of a durable product.


Design and practicality

If you are installing an air purifier in your home, do not hesitate to choose one that goes well with your interior. This is obviously less important if you equip your business. Also note that there are portable air purifiers, to consider if you want to be able to move your product often.

You now have all the keys in hand to choose the model that suits you. A good air purifier for home use will usually cost you a few hundred dollars, rarely more than $ 500. To equip a business, you will need to have a slightly higher budget.

We strongly advise you not to go for models that are too cheap. They are generally inefficient, difficult and expensive to maintain, and often noisy. Choosing a good quality model from the start will save you stress.

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