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Amazfit Stratos 2 review and test: what this watch is really worth

Amazfit Stratos 2 review and test: what this watch is really worth

The Xiaomi brand is little known to the general public. It is a renowned brand that has proven itself in the smartwatch segment by manufacturing watches for major European and American manufacturers.In recent years, the Chinese manufacturer has no longer contented itself with manufacturing watches for other brands, but has launched its own range of sports and connected watches, including the Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2.

In fact, Xiaomi has set the bar very high with the Amazfit Stratos 2, it is a latest generation GPS watch, triathlon and multisport that can compete with the high-end models on the market. After testing it, Amazfit Stratos 2 gives a new image of Chinese watches. It is robust and complete. It’s a real compendium of technologies.

Amazfit Stratos 2 review best priceAmazfit Stratos 2 test

This test is the result of our use of the watch, we have worn the watch for 1 month and taken care to scrutinize every detail of this technological jewel, from the screen to the heart sensor through the GPS or even autonomy. Here is the full result of our test.

Amazfit Stratos 2 – Technical specifications

From the grip, we felt the quality of the materials of the watch. The Xiaomi has nothing to envy sports watches like the Polar M600 or the Garmin 735XT. The bracelet adapts to all types of wrists and is resistant to movement.

The Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2 is an imposing watch, its weight is 60g. The screen is 35 x 35 mm in size and unlike many sports watches, it is transflective and color touchscreen.

Under the hood, Amazfit Stratos 2 is equipped with a compass, barometric altimeter, heart rate monitor and 4GB RAM. It has precise GPS and the Glonass system (Russian Positioning System). The Xiamo Amazfit Stratos 2 acts as a mini-smartphone, it receives notifications such as SMS, emails and incoming calls.

This device is multisport and compatible for triathlon, Amazfit Stratos 2 can be used in running, open water swimming and swimming, mountaineering, hiking, cycling, and tennis. We tested the connectivity of the watch, it is compatible with iOS and Android, the transfer of information is wireless with Wifi or Bluetooth Smart.

Ultimately, the technical characteristics of the Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2 put it at the top of the podium for the most complete watches on the market. It is a safe bet when it comes to equipment.

Amazfit Stratos 2 – Design and interface.

The Chinese manufacturer has done it big when it comes to design. The Amazfit Stratos 2 is a classy watch, it does well in everyday life. You can put it on your wrist on the way to work or on your outings, it pairs beautifully with jeans and a shirt.

The finishes of the Amazfit Stratos 2 are successful and the materials are of excellent quality. We are talking about a luxury sports watch and there are plenty of arguments. With a fiberglass case, Corning Gorilla Glass, ceramic bezel, leather strap and stainless steel buttons, the Amazfit Stratos has something to appeal to those with demanding looks.

Let’s talk about the interface, the information is displayed so as to have a global view of the measurements. The Amazfit Stratos 2 offers a display of 6 data per screen, with several configuration possibilities.

You have the possibility of having a display of graphs on the measurements that are in progress, namely the GPS track, the cadence, the speed or even the evolution of your heart rate. The use is simplified, we quickly found our bearings and understood the use of the watch.

We liked the touchscreen, which offers an alternative to classic watch buttons. You have two options, either to switch from one mode to another using the five buttons, or to use the touch screen. The second option is useful for a pre-exercise setup, because afterwards things get complicated.

In other words, when we sweat and our fingers are wet, the touch screen is not responsive, same with swimming, the touch barely works.

In short, after testing the Polar M400, the Tomtom Runner 3 and the Garmin Forerunner 735XT, the interface of the Xiaomi Amazfit 2 has nothing to be ashamed of.

Amazfit Stratos 2 – Features

The Chinese brand has equipped Amazfit Stratos 2 with the best features that a sports watch can have. It is a complete device in the truest sense of the word. You will find all the options of high-end sports watches with a few more innovative applications. Here are some of the features that stand out:

Wireless music: Amazfit Stratos 2 is equipped with an integrated mp3 music player and has a storage capacity of 2 GB, enough to put a hundred songs and replace its mp3 player.

Personalized training program: whether you are a running enthusiast or an athlete, Amazfit Stratos 2 offers a variety of personalized programs according to your level. For example, you will find an 8-week half-marathon training program or a recovery or interval training program.

Audio coaching: few watches have this feature. The audio coaching system guides you in your race, for example suggesting the pace or speed to apply and showing you how much you have left to achieve your goal. He is a true sports partner.

Activity tracker: an option available in all sports watches. Certainly, at Xiaomi, the activity tracker has been taken to the extreme, by integrating Glonass (Russian geo-positioning) and new options such as stride frequency, pace and sport level.

Push Information: Amazfit Stratos is both a sports watch and a Smartphone, you can use APPs like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or Wechat.

Contactless payment: a technological breakthrough from Xiaomi that follows the major manufacturers of sports watches. Like GarminPay or ApplePay, Amazfit Stratos 2 includes contactless payment. Currently, this option only works in China, but the manufacturer intends to expand without use in Europe and the United States.

Amazfit Stratos 2 – Autonomy

The Chinese manufacturer announces on paper an autonomy of 5 days in watch mode and 35 hours in continuous GPS mode. After testing it, the score of Amazfit Stratos 2 is satisfactory. The watch lasted almost 4 days in watch use and only 22 hours using the GPS function without stopping.

The battery drains quickly when you activate Bluetooth, such as listening to music or connecting it to a heart rate monitor. For long activities like Ultratrail or hiking, Amazfit Stratos 2 is lacking.

The charging socket is located at the level of the watch case, that said, it must be removed to be able to charge it. You can’t charge it while you run unless you bring an external battery with you and put it in your pocket.

Note that the watch recharges in just two hours and can estimate the time and kilometers you have left to cover depending on the level of autonomy.

Amazfit Stratos 2 – For which sport?

Amazfit Stratos 2 is a multisport watch, you can use it in outdoor sports like hiking, built-in altimeter and compass work great and GPS data is provided quickly.

The device is also compatible with indoor sports, such as the treadmill or the spinning bike, the heart rate sensor makes measurements with irreproachable precision.

The only downside is that the GPS does not work in Home-training activities. However, you cannot use measurements like speed, cadence, power, or distance that are calculated from GPS.

The strong point of Amazfit Stratos 2 is that it targets several activities not found in competitive watches, including mountaineering, cross-country skiing, tennis and soccer. The watch provides suitable programs for all of these activities, which is a real benefit for people who practice several sports at the same time.

In total, we counted 14 target sports, which is not bad for a watch like Amazfit Stratos 2.

Amazfit Stratos 2 – Swimming

The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters, it is compatible with swimming in open water and in pools. GPS works well, you can configure it to measure distance and pool size.

Amazfit Stratos 2 automatically detects your swimming type, but the information is sometimes unreliable. If you are crawling with sets of breaststroke, the watch will not detect both types of strokes, but will mainly indicate “Crawl”.

The device can calculate several data at once, including the number of strokes, the calories you have burned, your distance covered, your swimming pace, your average pace or the overall duration of your swimming session.

The Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2 optical cadio sensor does not work underwater. This is the case with all sports watches.

Amazfit Stratos 2 – Triathlon

As advertised, Amazfit Stratos 2 is a triathlon watch. You can switch from one sport to another by long pressing the button at the top. The device handles transitions well without having to stop.

We found it easy to use this watch in Triathlon, the data is precise and the handling is smooth. Admittedly, the device has some limitations which will not satisfy demanding athletes when it comes to measurements.

Amazfit Stratos 2 is not compatible with external sensors other than the heart rate belt sensor. If you’re looking to take your workout data measurement a step further, you’ll be a bit limited with this watch.

The autonomy of Amazfit Stratos 2 does not make it competitive with the triathlon watches on the market.

Garmin Forerunner 235 vs Amazfit Stratos 2

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a watch that targets the general public, it has the basic functions of a sports watch and targets runners and cyclists. Its rival, Amazfit Stratos 2 is a complete, multisport and triathlon watch aimed at demanding athletes and sportsmen.

In terms of equipment, Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2 wins the duel, it is equipped with an optical cardio sensor, an altimeter, a compass and an integrated audio player to store up to 250 songs. Its competitor, the Garmin Forerunner 235 is equipped with average equipment and does not have an altimeter or an integrated audio player.

Amazfit Stratos 2 dethrones the Garmin 235 in autonomy and waterproofness. It targets several sporting activities unlike the 235 which is compatible only with two sports, namely running and cycling.

If you are looking for a complete and robust watch without breaking the bank, we recommend that you choose Amazfit Stratos 2. On the other hand, if you want to buy a sports watch for the first time, the Garmin Forerunner 235 remains an excellent choice to make on sight. its ease of use and its fluid interface.


We are satisfied with the performance of this watch which in our opinion can compete with models like the Tomtom Spark 3 or the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR. The expertise of the Chinese brand Xiaomi has been demonstrated with the Amazfit Stratos 2, it is a robust and imposing sports watch capable of supporting demanding athletes and sportsmen.

The design of the Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2 is successful. The materials and finishes are of excellent quality, it is a watch to wear in everyday life.

We liked the built-in altimeter which works well in hiking mode. We give a + for the integrated audio player capable of hosting up to 250 songs. We liked the multisport mode with 14 targeted activities.

We would have liked the cardio optical sensor to work underwater. Autonomy should also be reviewed to make the watch complete in Triathlon mode. The fact that the GPS does not work for indoor activities like the spinning bike makes the use of the device limited, as for the external sensors which are not compatible.

The quality / price ratio of Amazfit Stratos 2 makes it unbeatable, it is THE best watch on the market for its price. A safe bet for a long-term investment.



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