Learn about the different aging effects and how you can protect yourself from negative effects

Learn about the different aging effects and how you can protect yourself from negative effects

Imagine you’re a 20 year old. Your day usually starts at the gym and then you work, and then you make plans to play soccer with your friends. When at 23, your day was just jam-packed. You were always on the go and felt like you couldn’t slow down. For aging effects?

The answer to feeling better is to redefine how you age so you can avoid many of the negative side effects associated with the natural aging process.

Scientist discovered a new way to age, and they explain it in this blog.

The aging effects on the body

With only a few simple treatments, you can make those wrinkles disappear with a product like Kollagen Intensiv. Ageing is natural, but for many people, it doesn’t feel that way. If we look at the physical symptoms, they are often the most annoying. Problems like skin and collagen quality can mean that crow’s feet and other wrinkles start to appear – this happens to most people who have years of wear and tear on their joints. The other symptom is declining muscle mass which many people notice when they exercise less or feel more tired.

Losing sleep can make you feel sluggish and tired throughout the day. Studies show that falling asleep takes longer, and deep sleep diminishes as a person ages.

The American Academy of Neurology found that the brains of adults under 24 may be more easily distracted than others.

TRU NIAGEN® can reduce some of the effects of aging.

aging effects Over 3 Million Bottles of Tru Niagen Sold Globally effects of aging on the body

Promote cellular health

Ageing is the process in which your body slows down. Cells also age, but aging cells are very important for bodily functions.

Scientists are researching NAD, which could be the key to redefining aging. This is found in every cell in your body and is vital for regulating metabolism. It’s also important for your muscles, blood flow, and brain function.

With natural NAD declines, your cells are less able to produce energy. This leads to lower-than-normal cholesterol and liver function as well as an inability to maintain a healthy metabolism. However, with the right lifestyle choices and NAD levels can increase and support cell health.

NAD declines as we age, which can weaken our immune system and metabolic function. Boosting NAD can protect the body in multiple ways.

Learn how to boost NAD

ChromaDex, a public nutraceutical company based in Southern California, developed Niagen as a natural way to boost NAD and help improve the health of cells. Niagen is an all-natural vitamin B3 supplement that is proven to help boost NAD levels.

Brenner, a member of ChromaDex’s scientific advisory board, explains that the supplement Tru Niagen supplements a person’s NAD levels by providing evidence-based ingredients. Brenner had this to say about the benefits of NR supplementation: “What it does is boost your NAD and NAD-dependent metabolic processes.”

One user who has taken Tru Niagen says, “To me, this is not just a supplement, but a life changer.” They continue by saying they are hopeful for improvements as they continue to take Tru Niagen.

Tru Niagen is available for purchase individually or in a pack of monthly, bulk orders. Some people may save by purchasing the product from one person at a time.

You can take steps to feel your best by aging well. Turning the aging process into something that is not just inevitable but something you have the power to control.

Get to know TRU NIAGEN

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