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Adam’s Chair Buster Circuit | Calibrate

My Journey with Calibrate: Daniel

Want a break from sitting all day?

If you understand you’ll be sitting for some time, set timers all through the day to remind your self to take a fast lap round your area to assist loosen your muscular tissues and get your blood flowing.

So as to add some enjoyable to that, we requested Calibrate Train Knowledgeable Adam Rosante to share a fast circuit that you would be able to incorporate into a few of these breaks (repeat as much as 4 instances):

  • Hip flexor stretch held for 1-2 minutes per facet
  • Glute Bridge x 15 reps
  • Heel Slides x 6-8 reps taking 6-8 seconds to decrease (you should use furnishings sliders, paper plates, or socks or a towel on a naked wooden ground) 

Take a look at the demo beneath:

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Adam’s Chair Buster Circuit | Calibrate

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