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9 values ​​to pass on as a family

Transmitting values ​​in the education of our children is essential. Thanks to these, young people will be better people.

9 values ​​to pass on as a family

Last update : January 11, 2023

Raising children is something that concerns all parents. And, in this sense, the pillars of base of a good education are the values ​​to be transmitted in the family. For this, the first thing we must do is set an example and show that we have those values ​​that we want our little ones to acquire.

Young children don’t know how to tell if their parents are doing things right or wrong. They don’t what to observe and learn from their reference figures. For this reason, we must be consistent and congruent between what we say and what we do. Thus, we cannot pass on to our children values ​​that we have not integrated. In this article, we will look at some of the most important values. Don’t miss it!

Discover the values ​​to pass on as a family

Here are some of the values ​​to transmit as a family, although of course they are not the only ones. Thus, each parent has the freedom to transmit what he deems appropriate so that the little ones will be better human beings in the future.


This value is very important, although defining it can be a bit tricky. the respect involves valuing and acknowledging the feelings, thoughts, preferences and decision-making between allthat is, respect for one another.

You have to be careful and do the difference between respect and fear. To be respected, the first thing we must do is to apply this value to others and to ourselves in all areas.

2. Generosity

The generosity is an important value to bring to society. Thanks to her, we are able to think about what people need or want and we are able to put ourselves more in their shoes.

This does not mean giving money to those in need or material things: we can also be generous in giving love, attention and time.

3. Liability

If values ​​are transmitted to children from an early age, they will surely become adults with a sense of responsibility in the future.

Responsibility is something we need to teach and if we start doing it from an early age it is much better. For example, one can encourage the little one to pick up his toys when he has finished using them or to give food to the dog if the latter has no more.

Because of this, they likely won’t need to be pressured into getting to work on time, meeting deadlines, paying on time, or returning a call on time in the future. For this reason, it is important that we teach all family members their own responsibilities to integrate this value into our daily lives.

4. Empathy

Empathy is another of the values ​​that we must keep in mind the most. It is important that we know how to put ourselves in the place of others. If we teach our children to put themselves in the shoes of family members, they will also know how to do it with the rest of the society.

5. Honesty

Honesty is a value allows us to have deeper relationships and that these last over time. To foster it in our children, we must be understanding and respectful of what they tell us, even if it is negative actions. If we get mad at these revelations, chances are they won’t tell us next time and won’t be honest with us, because they will know how we’re going to react.

6. Patience

Patience is another key value in people’s lives. If, from an early age, we teach our children to wait and avoid the “it must be done here and now”, we help them better control their impulses. This way they will be more patient with the events that come their way in life.

7. Tolerance

It is important that adults show respect and tolerance for all people, despite differences. Only then can we instill this value in children. Let’s not forget that the little ones follow our example and that this is essential for their learning.

Teaching children that we are not all the same or perfect and that we should respect everyone is key to their education. In addition, we must lead by example so that we can transmit to them the value of tolerance.

8. Strive

Today it is necessary that we convey the value of effort. In this way, we try to avoid what is happening in today’s society, in which we want to get things immediately and easily.

9. Commitment

Commitment and giving value to our word is also very important. The commitment is linked to responsibility and maturity. It is acquired gradually. Therefore, it is important that when we commit to something, we realize it. Thus, our children will be able to see in us an example of commitment.

About the values ​​to be passed on as a family

As you have seen in this article, these are some of the most important values ​​to pass on as a family. In any case, of course, everyone must pass on those they deem most suitable for their children.

“Good society is one where virtue is rewarded. »

-Abraham Maslow-

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