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The 5 best smart health tech gifts under 150 dollars

The 5 best smart technology gifts under 150 euros

Before you buy these 5 best smart health tech gifts for your smart health home,you should know the important features .

Smart and technical gifts in particular are becoming increasingly popular and can also be found under the Christmas tree. However, some features must not be neglected so that the surprise can also be used.

  1. Most smart technology gifts get their intelligence through control via app. Therefore, before choosing a technical gift, you should make sure that the person has a smartphone or tablet. Almost a matter of course for adults, this factor should be considered especially in children. Alternatively, it helps parents to ask whether they allow the use of digital devices.
  2. Think about the compatibility. If the gift goes to a family member who is completely committed to the Apple cosmos, the device to be gifted should be iOS compatible.
  3. Some smart technical devices cannot be used directly because, for example, a gateway is required. When planning gifts, you should therefore consider whether the recipient either already has such a gateway or is included in the gift. For example, a Philips Hue Bridge is required for the Philips Hue lighting system. This is already included in the recommended starter set and thus allows a smooth introduction to the topic of smart lighting control.
  4. Expensive does not mean good, and cheap does not mean inferior. Technical devices, in particular, do not always have to be enormously expensive and are not cheap enough, even in an affordable range. Our ideas for smart technology gifts cost less than 150 euros and keep what they promise. This is because there are established manufacturers behind it who are already known for their superior products and good service.

Intelligent speaker Echo 3 – give away Amazon’s Smart Speaker

If you want to give away premium sound with integrated Alexa, you can’t go wrong with Amazon Echo 3. The smart speaker combines both requirements. 76.2 mm neodymium woofers, 20 mm tweeters and Dolby processing ensure good sound. With the exception of the Echo Studio, Echo 3 currently has the best sound equipment that an Echo device can currently offer. In addition to networking with Alexa-enabled components, Alexa Easter Eggs and numerous Alexa skills promise a lot of fun and additional functions. Of course, classic applications are also popular, such as getting information about the weather, setting a timer or getting the latest news read out. Amazon Echo 3 is suitable for people of almost all ages who want to get started with the topic of smart homes.

Amazon Echo 3 in a smart gift check:

  • Easy entry into the smart health home
  • Nice design and premium sound
  • Entertainment factor and coupling with music streaming services
  • Access to thousands of free Alexa skills, such as games or guides

Best offers for Echo 3 as a smart tech gift:

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen.), dark blue fabric at Amazon UK
Smart speaker with 360-degree premium sound and voice control with Alexa
Smart speaker with 360-degree premium sound and voice control with Alexa

LEGO BOOST robotics set – app-programmable building fun for children

Children in particular have a lot of fun with their own creativity. Building blocks from the LEGO brand are therefore an integral part of every children’s room. With the Lego Boost Roboticset there is a lot to discover for the children: 5 different models can be assembled and controlled according to the instructions. The robot Vernie moves from A to B, reacts to colors and makes funny noises, the cute cat Frankie plays and purrs and with a guitar there is also something for music fans. The LEGO BOOST robotics set can be used to build many other exciting models. Battery operated, with 2 programmable motors, a Bluetooth-capable move hub and various sensors as well as a total of 840 parts, there is a lot of potential for numerous other ideas. The great thing: existing blocks can expand the set as desired.

LEGO BOOST robotics set in a smart gift check:

  • Building fun and a special gaming experience
  • 5 different models possible and many own ideas
  • Child-friendly programming functions and control via app
  • Promotes creativity

Best offers for LEGO BOOST robotics set as a smart tech gift:

Philips Hue  – the start of lighting control

The product portfolio around Philips Hue is the ultimate choice when it comes to smart lighting control. A Philips Hue Bridge forms the intelligent control center, which is used to turn the intelligent LED lights turned into a conventional lamp holder via the Philips Hue app (Android | iOS) control. A starter set is perfect for beginners and the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance lights also offer the largest range of functions. They are dimmable and variable in their color variation. That means they can switch between warm and cool white or even display up to 16 million colors. Also a good gift idea for gamers whose gaming experience is to be expanded. The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance can be synchronized with gaming and music via Philips Hue Sync. Another plus point: once you have the starter set, all ways are open to expand the Philips Hue lighting system as you wish.

Philips Hue starter set in a smart gift check:

  • Perfect entry into smart lighting control
  • 16 million different colors, dimmable and variable
  • Own light scenes can be created
  • Can be synchronized with PC games and music streaming
  • Intelligent functions such as presence simulation

Best offers for the Philips Hue starter set as a smart tech gift:

Fire HD 10 Tablet – immerse yourself in the Amazon universe with the tablet

The affordable Amazon Tablet Fire HD 10 offers a very good price-performance ratio. At 10.1 inches, it has a display size that is compulsory for tablets and is aimed at existing viewing habits. As a technology gift, it is particularly recommended for people who are already firmly anchored in the Amazon cosmos. Especially Amazon Prime customers get their money’s worth here: Amazon Prime ehealth or Amazon Music Unlimited are just a few examples to get access to a wide range of series and music. Available in black, white or dark blue, there is also something for everyone. The 12 hours of battery life are sufficient to provide distraction to the children, for example, over a longer drive. An octa-core processor ensures the necessary speed while playing, streaming films and music or surfing.

Fire HD 10 tablet in a smart gift check:

  • extensive Amazon entertainment experience
  • Free and unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content
  • large display (10.1 inch)
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Suitable for young and old

Best offer for the Fire HD 10 tablet as a tech gift:

Robust tablet with 10.1-inch HD display and over 12h battery life. Now 30% faster thanks to the octa-core processor.
Robust tablet with 10.1-inch HD display and over 12h battery life. Now 30% faster thanks to the octa-core processor.

Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch – Healthy through the day

The Fitbit Versa Lite smart health watch is the little sister of Fitbit Versa 2. The price, which is somewhat cheaper in comparison, is noticeable in just a few differences in the range of functions. As a gift around Christmas time, a smartwatch is at best no sign of the fence post to advance any positive annual resolutions. Rather, Versa Lite by Fitbit is a useful gadget with a watch and intelligent additional functions such as continuous heart rate measurement, fitness and sleep tracking and listening to music, checking emails and messages or using it while swimming in the water. It is also practical that the battery can last up to four days. The Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch is not only aimed at sports enthusiasts. Even so, the various functions offer interesting insights into everyday life, through the daily steps collected or the control of your own sleep phases.

Fitbit Versa Lite smartwatch in a smart gift check:

  • Nice and chic design
  • Continuous heart rate measurement
  • Fitness and sleep tracking
  • Apps and notifications
  • Water resistant to 40 meters
  • Approx. 4 days of battery life

Best offer for the Versa Lite Smartwatch as a tech gift:

Smartwatch including heart rate measurement, sleep tracking and call and SMS notifications.
Smartwatch including heart rate measurement, sleep tracking and call and SMS notifications.

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